These Animal Crossing Characters Could Return in New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has undergone an incredible journey since launch and has become a massively popular Nintendo title. The gameplay is relaxing and immersive, and players can progress in the game at their own pace. It is one of the many reasons New Horizons has allured so many new players into the Animal Crossing franchise.

The social simulation game features a lot of anthropomorphic villagers that players simply love and adore. It is a trademark feature of the game, and everyone wants their favorite villagers on their islands. Another exciting aspect is players get introduced to fresh characters frequently with free updates.

However, New Horizons still has many Animal Crossing characters and features yet to appear in the game. YouTuber Crossing Channel points out some characters that will most likely return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in his recent video. There are some interesting ones to look out for.

New Horizons villagers have foreshadowed returning Animal Crossing characters
In-game villagers have foreshadowed the returning characters in several instances. For starters, Peanut, who is a peppy squirrel villager, is seen saying, “I’ve been waiting forever for the new Super Gyroid Brothers game, SGB3: Prelude of SGBIV, Part 2“.

Although New Horizons seems to have omitted Gyroids, at the moment, the game has a Gyroid character in Lliod. Though mostly furniture items, Gyroids also appear as NPCs in the series. Adding to that, two other peppy characters in the game speak vividly of Gyroids, hinting that they could definitely return. It makes sense that Nintendo has preemptively patched in the dialogues in the game, so they don’t have to add these strings when Gyroids return.

This is something that has happened earlier. Prior to the update with the art in the Museum, Fang, the cranky wolf, foreshadowed that art would return to New Horizons. Shortly after that, the feature subsequently made its way into the game, which players found exciting.

Besides that, Gyroids have been referenced in the game’s files, uncovered by data-mined intel. Therefore, they will likely return at some point, considering that data mines have always been accurate about other additions.

Next, we have normal villagers like the ostrich Gladys, who players will see referencing Dr. Shrunk. He is a series regular who gave the player the ability to use emotions. However, in New Horizons, players get their reactions from villagers. Perhaps being a special character, Dr.Shrunk could return as a host for a new event, much like how Reece and Cyrus returned for the Wedding Season.

Meanwhile, players will see Clay, the lazy hamster, talk about coffee, and Brewster, the pigeon who runs The Roost cafe. Data mined intel suggested that the return of Brewster and his cafe is definitely on the cards. Perhaps the pigeon character could return during the colder months when a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate is what an islander needs. Despite the evidence, nothing is confirmed yet. We have to wait and see when and how these characters return to New Horizons.