Old School RuneScape: 4 Pro Tips For Ironman Mode (Pay-To-Play)

Old School RuneScape provides a fun experience for pay-to-play players, and this is clearly apparent in the challenging Ironman Mode.

Old School Runescape fans have been able to play their favorite game since it was initially released in January 2001. The game is still going strong, but some players may want to take on a new challenge after so many years. That is where Ironman Mode comes in.

Starting Strong
The best way to start strong in Ironman Mode isn't through luck, but through carefully choosing starting quests. Novice quests like Druidic Ritual and Rune Mysteries unlock the ability to start working on entire skills and should be taken on quickly as an example. Players should also look into quests that give free teleportation options as travel can take a bit longer when starting off in Ironman Mode.

Other than this, some good starting quests to look at are Cook's Assistant, X Marks The Spot, The Restless Ghost, Client of Kourand, and Dwarf Cannon. Players can also try leveling their thievery skills as a way to make early game money or consider trying to take on Winterholt if they quickly level their firemaking skill high enough to survive.

Barbarian Fishing
Barbarian Fishing takes the normally boring mechanics of fishing in RuneScape and makes them into one of the best ways to level several skills at once. Once players have 30 agility and 30 strength, players will be able to not only gain fishing skills but more strength and agility all at the same time!

Managing Miscellania
There are betters ways to get money and resources than through massive raids. Once players complete the Throne of Miscellania quest, players will be able to get several resources used in training without as large of a time investment. Players will need consistent money-making strategies first as well as enough capital to invest upfront, about 500,000 coins minimum, but the investment will turn out worthwhile for any player that takes it.

The Agility Pyramid
The Agility Pyramid is a great place for players to not only make some coins but also gain experience as well. Do the quests Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap, and The Grand Tree. These will grant 18,200 experience, enough to raise a player from level 1 to level 32 in agility From here, players can go to the Agility Pyramid earn up to 200,000 gold an hour, all while leveling up their agility skill. This can work especially well for starting players as a way to build monetary resources quickly.

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