NBA 2K21 PS5, Xbox Series X Update Improved Player Likenesses

An update for NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is now live and it makes some visual changes, particularly regarding players and teams. The patch notes are outlined below.

Several teams have had their City uniforms updated, including the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, and Los Angeles Clippers. Players on those teams, like the Celtics' Kemba Walker and Clippers' Paul George, have had their likenesses updated as well to bring them more in line with their real-life counterparts. Other players have improved signature facial animations, though it's unclear which players this applies to. There are also updates for the Toronto Raptors' logo and City courts for teams like the Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers.

Along with updates to the City for various teams is a holiday makeover. The City in NBA 2K21 will be decked out in Christmas accouterments starting December 15.

One notable change made to NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles is the size of the "green release" window. When shooting while being heavily contested, the window has been decreased. This difference will make those already tough shots even tougher to sink.

This third update also packages fixes for various gameplay issues, including problems with settings occasionally resetting after entering and leaving the menu during a game. Other fixes include stabilizing MyNBA Online, ironing out random hangs during the lottery in MyWNBA and The W, and addressing issues with collision detection in Pro-Aam games. There are also a "number of under-the-hood support items" added in preparation for MyTeam Seasons.

NBA 2K21 Update 3 Patch Notes
Court floor updates have been made for:
Philadelphia 76ers Primary
Philadelphia 76ers City Court
Utah Jazz City Court
Brooklyn Nets City Court
Denver Nuggets Statement Court
Denver Nuggets City Court
Uniform updates have been made for the following teams:
Philadelphia 76ers (updated City uniform)
Chicago Bulls (updated City uniform)
New York Knicks (updated City uniform)
Cleveland Cavaliers (updated City uniform)
New Orleans Pelicans (updated sponsor logo)
Los Angeles Clippers (updated sponsor logo)
Boston Celtics (updated sponsor logo)
Brooklyn Nets (updated sponsor logo)
Denver Nuggets (updated sponsor logo)
Los Angeles Lakers (updated sponsor logo)
Washington Wizards (updated sponsor logo)


Tightened up charge and block collision animations to prevent unwanted sliding
CPU defenders will now properly recognize the direction of a screen even after it has been flipped
Smaller "green release" windows on heavily contested shots
Fixed an issue with double-teams that was being used as an exploit
Adjusted breakout time of in-game emotes to prevent unrealistic movement
Corrected an issue with play graphics where the line for the pass would begin at MyPlayer, even if they did not have the ball
Resolved an issue with certain settings sometimes getting reset when entering and exiting the menu when in a game
You are now able to change the Tempo and Rebound settings when you toggle the ACE manager ON/OFF
Players will no longer be able to move unrealistically while defending inbound passes during Garage Hoops games

Continued improvements to arena personnel positioning and behavior during postgame events, particularly in relation to on-court interviews
Your MyPlayer's body type will now properly be kept individually per save
Addressed an issue with the saved camera setting being reset after the pregame shootaround in MyCAREER games
You can now skip through the animation of your MyPlayer walking back to the bench after being subbed out
Resolved a rare issue where newly applied tattoos could disappear when changing your MyPlayer's appearance
Fixed a rare hang that could occur in the Jump Shot Creator menu when customizing your shot
Fixed an issue where your difficulty could be reset after participating in a training session with Chris Brickley
Addressed a logic error in The Long Shadow when determining if your performance was good or bad in the Combine and Private NBA Team Workout
Corrected a situation in the Dunk Contest where the Round Recap overlay could stay on the screen for too long, obscuring the following dunk