NBA 2K21 on PS5 Needs a Minimum 150GB of That Precious SSD

One of the biggest problems PlayStation 5 faces is an internal SSD with a limited amount of storage space. Sure, it allows for super fast loading, but it won't take long to fill up the 667GB you have access to. If you plan on playing PS5 games like NBA 2K21, for instance, you won't get too far.

One such fan has received their copy of the next-gen version of the basketball sim, and it eats up a monstrous amount of space on that all-important SSD. As shown in these images, the box states that the game requires a minimum of 150GB — that's just over a fifth of the available space for one game. There's the possibility that the installed game won't take up quite that much room, but even if it was reduced to 100GB, that's still a huge chunk of your SSD eaten away.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is similarly huge, requiring 133GB of the SSD's available space. If you were to install both of these games, they'd eat up a combined 42 per cent of PS5's onboard storage. Nearly half your space gone with just two titles!

Unfortunately, there are no ways to store PS5 games on anything other than the SSD. You currently can't install PS5 software on an external drive, even just for storage. Sony is looking into this possibility, and you'll be able to upgrade PS5's storage down the line, but for now you're going to have to juggle that precious SSD storage space as best you can.

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