Madden NFL Mobile Leveling Tips in December Update

EA sports recently has released the first winter updated for Madden Mobile in December. This update includes mainly three elements: League Leveling, League Survival, and League Bank and also neutralizers.

This is an age-old question there is no substance in the update. It just need players playing games endlessly, in order to achieve certain goals and rewards.

The real reason for the excitement, however, is that we have a whole new league of alliances: league level survival and league Bank!


League Leveling

This is a particular target by completing new way to improve the level of the league. Every time your league level rise, you will get a special train reward the level league game as a player training course, but mainly is the role of league, not the players.

League Survival

Actually there are other opportunity to play alongside your league mates in addition to the traditional league and the league, the league's survival will give you such opportunity to play with your partner in a series of escalating challenges, in order to return the RDS each round of premier league survival will provide multiple difficulty levels rising, and target points, progress has been achieved as a group to your league NEXT level each league members will have 24 hours to contribute league scoring, with the aim to push the score to the threshold of the progress.

League Bank

So there must be some lazy also here when all people donate more while others don't do anything, all members get the same reward but it is clearly unfair to if the reward given to players are not even especially when some players do nothing while others donate much more than them.But there is always one rule: the more you the more rewards you get from the League Bank.


Some NFL player so good, they can't gameplanned, we extend the concept of Madden NFL mobile now, you will be able to win really reduce percentage of player program counter your opponent might think that you are already broke through the long, but no manager can really fight Tom Brady, right.

Don't Forget the Final Profit

The final profits, you may sell out of this game your mobile accounts or account of coins You guessed it, this game is for those that invest money to buy countless doll players support performances every week So you never conquer them in at all levels, even if your game is much better than these, your staff won't ever lose to you only sell your investment entory or market your accounts directly.

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