Fallout 76: 4 Things You Missed In Whitespring

The Whitespring is a popular area in Fallout 76 for several reasons — there's also a lot more to it than meets the eye. Here are the essential facts. Players crawling the wastelands of the Appalachia in Fallout 76 have no doubt found themselves at The Whitespring at one point or another. The area includes a resort, a bunker, and more merchants than you can shake a golf club at. Luckily, players can find plenty of those to shake at things, or more likely feral ghouls, as well.

With the Steel Dawn Update released, players have had a lot of new content to explore. Still, there may be things players should make sure they didn't miss back in Whirespring before setting out on new adventures.

Grab Grant's Saber
In a rush to get through to some of the larger quests in Whitespring, players may have missed a chance to grab a part of history. The sword once belonged to President Ulysses S. Grant and was a special heirloom he used during the civil war. This unique item in the game requires a password to be acquired, which can found on the shower floor in the Presidential Cottage and Museum. The sword is also part of a quest called Forging A Legend so players finding it for the first time should hunt down the rest of the questline as well.

Cap Stash Farming
Bottlecaps are the currency of the post-apocalypse and players need as many as they can get to afford some of the more expensive pieces of equipment in the game. While there are many ways to farm for bottlecaps, one of the best options is Cap Stash Farming. Players with the Cap Collector Perk can snag 70-80 Caps in every stash they find, and Whitespring has 19 potential spawn points clustered together where players can search.

DIY Room Service Quest
At one point, the locked rooms at the Whitespring were meant to be unlockable! Players would have been able to get Room Keys 201 through 206 by following a cut quest that was titled Room Service. Still, players looking for a bit of a DIY quest can still "complete" this quest. They only have to "Recover the {Item01} last seen at {TargetLocation01}" which is simple, right?

Find The Fate Of James Wilcox
One of the main characters of the storyline in Whitespring far before players were able to explore it was James Wilcox. He was a part of setting up all of the robots that slowly took the jobs of all the other employees at the resort. Most players would have missed this rarely found piece of lore as a small sheet of paper hidden beneath a wall safe isn't easy to spot. Those that find it can have a chuckle at James Wilcox's final fate.