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The Best & Cheapest Legends For FUT Team: Frank de Boer,Oliver Bierhoff,Jens Lehmann

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 9:36:35 PM America/Los_Angeles

In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, a complete of 76 legends may be enjoyed to the Xbox One. The tale participants in FUT so are designed with a high general assessment, starting 95 and between 86 and usually form an orange chemistry substance. Consequently, most legends are desired and costly. But there are still some "bargain" people. We've selected the 15 best and most good legends for you.



15. Alexi Lalas (CB - 86) - The American inside defense puts a standard review of 86 to the paper. At the moment he is currently buying about 300,000 coins on the move market.

14. Landon Donovan (CF - 86) - The Ex-Leverkusener includes a solid finishing (87) and is a superb choice for that strike. Like his countryman Lalas, he is able to be bought for around 300,000 coins and has a complete price of 86.

13. Christian Vieri (ST - 87) - Whether in the air using a scalp ball (going 90) or by typical finish (concluding 90) on a lawn - Vieri is always a flame when he extends to the ball. Currently you are able to make him having an overall status of 87 000 coins, for approximately 280.

12. Edwin Van der Sar (GK - 89) - The previous Dutch national goalkeeper produces an overall total ranking of 89 and certainly will currently be brought for typically 280,000 coins to your FUT workforce.

11. Carlos Valderrama (CAM - 86) - The famous Colombian midfielder, apart from his hair, is well-known for his ball control (90) and his vision (91). 000 coins with an overall ranking of 86, for about 250 he is offered in the exchange market.

10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (ST - 86) - If you are currently buying clipper, Solskjaer can't do wrong. He has amazing finishing (90), is obviously while in the proper position (Placement 90), and he's costing about 250,000 coins in market, among the cheapest legends.

9. Fredrik Ljungberg (RM - 86) - The icon is quick (85 pace), excellent in dribbling (83), but poor within the shape (75) - so that you know the Swede. 000 coins, around 250, his market value in FUT is having a whole price of 86.

8. Robbie Fowler (ST- 86) - The former national striker of England is great, because of his heading (88) an ideal interlude for high balls. He also charges about 250,000 coins and it is built with 86 score in overall.

7. Pauleta (ST - 87) - Pauletas has great volleys (89) and his superb finishing (89) stand for about 250,000 coins under your order. Overall, he gets 87 reviews.

6. David Seaman (GK - 88) - For approximately 200,000 coins, the former British National Guard retains your pack clear. Together with his overall price of 88 you're able to believe that he has superior conditions for this.

5. Gary Neville (RB - 86) - His planning (75) continue to be missing some workout, but Neville having a complete value of 86 at a price of approximately 200,000 coins represents a worthwhile investment for your defensive.

4. Teddy Sheringham (ST- 86) - Along with his 87 finish and his 88 chance power, one or the different striker may still look just a little. Having a whole of 86 score inside the overall analysis and the average price around 200,000 coins, he controls to place it in 4th position.

3. Jens Lehmann (GK - 88) - The punishment idol in the 2006 Worldcup is a real discount. In your pack, the previous goalkeeper of System, 000 coins is for approximately 180. His overall ranking is 88 and secures him 3rd position.

2. Oliver Bierhoff (ST - 87) - For about 180.000 FIFA coins, Bierhoffs companies can be assured by you. From his location (88) to his finishing (89) and his heading (93), a complete overall of 87 is computed.

1. Frank de Boer (CB - 86) - First place is Chad de Boer, who're presently supplied 000 coins, for around 150, but with him no striker can approach your gateway. He is succeeded in the defense, which brought to his total ranking of 86. not only share the useful FIFA 17 news online, but also we are glad to offer cheap and safe FIFA 17 Points online. The coupon code "bdog" can give 5% discount for everyone here at mmorog.

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