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NBA 2K17 Tips On How To Prevent Off Ball Movement Shots From CPU Opponent

Monday, January 2, 2017 7:26:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Have the CPU opponent's pass that was great frustrated you whenever you perform good physical on-ball defense and meanwhile your defenders are merely standing frozen? We all know it's truly demoralizing for you. To stop these deadly off baseball action photographs produced by the processor adversary, we was able with some defensive settings to experiment.

The PC may however produce excellent off basketball activities even though results are not perfect, but at the least your defense will be near by for you to behave. And occasionally, if the off ball display is ideal, there is nothing you are able to do.



  1. Firstly, you can check the settings under the: Gameplan – Defensive settings. Here are some defensive settings we tried.
  2. On-Ball Pressure set to tight(all). Most of the time you are playing the on-ball defense, but when you are not, your CPU will try to play tight on-ball defense.
  3. Down-Ball Strain set-to refuse(all). All defenders will always be hardly open to the people they're guarding. This means since most of the people is going to be spread far more commonly, that when the processor manages to get towards the container, you'll have less probability to assist your security. On-ball physical defense could be the key within this scenario.
  4. On-Ball Screen set to go over. This is always a good option, preventing an open shot from the ball handler if the pick is executed well.
  5. Off Baseball monitor set-to go over. This would prevent these available 3-level pictures after having a ball that is great off display. Keep in mind the PC can proceed to create those passes, but at least you'll be there to react easily with a few defensive energy, thus requiring a miss.
  6. Double team edge and double team post are set-to information(all). When the double-teams are performed you want to choose, we don't wish the CPU to do it for people. This may also produce some undesirable double teams that'll keep so we want this avoided, your opponent available.

  7. Article set to behind(all). In several situations, the males are continuously in front after having a baseball activity that is excellent off, and regularly transforming some simple bins inside the paint. Our PC defender will attempt to keep behind the other large men if we set this method. They'll get these travels that are fatal, but your defense will at least get ready to reply.

  8. Post set to behind(all). In many situations, the opponent's big men are constantly in front after a good off ball movement, and constantly converting some easy baskets in the paint. If we set this option, our CPU defender will try to stay behind the opposing big men. They will receive those deadly passes, but your defender will at least be ready to react.
  9. Screen help regulations and help guidelines set-to No Help(all). Your first task would be to manually go within the display to prevent it, each time a Computer requires a pick and roll. Since the choice was set by us to no support, quickly switch for your teammate the moment the screener tries to create a function for perhaps the 3 or the holder -pt line. You will be there to protect the photo, even when he receives the pass. Additionally to 0, collection support defense on coaching configurations. Unsure how much impact this method has, but let's maintain it in case at 0 just.

This entire predetermined is based on excellent real security. You will note that your processor defenders are, generally, attempting to quit the ball prospects that are off. The only defect is the fact that should you eliminate that 1 on 1 battle in defense, since you will see no one to assist the defense you're probably going to be given a holder.

This preset with these setting can be the best possible defensive tactics. Try out it and give us the results or share your opinions with our official media.

To play great ball movement shots, you must be disciplined to maintain your defensive stance and proper depth with every move the ball handler makes so you're still in position to bother every shot with your hand that they attempt to put up. Hope this article would help you to play perimeter defense better. For more of NBA 2K17 defensive tips and nba 2k17 mt coins, keep it here on MMOROG.

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