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NBA 2K17 Tips: How to Get A+ Teammate Grade Every Time

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 8:08:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

NBA 2K17 Teammate Mark really are a way for members of your team to score how well you performed in a match. They're not just for showing – the better you score, the more income you'll get off. Good scores will also favorably alter the quantity of time you spend playing during each match. In short, it pays off to have good mark. In this guide, we're going to demonstrate ways to get A in every match in NBA 2K17.


NBA 2K17 A+ Teammate Grade

Here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid if you want the highest teammate grades:

  • Have smart shots. Don't pressure shots when you are guarded, you will damage your personal stats and your team. If you are open and take a good shot, you will get "Good shot selection" although you may miss the shot. Keep practicing for that perfect release.
  • No longer call for the ball if you are not open. If you constantly press the phone call for ball button (X, A), you will get the "Excessive call for pass" and "Call for pass ignored". Show patience, or it will reduce your grade m.
  • Set screens for your teammates. When you are nearby the ballhandler, just press the Circle/B and hang on for the ballhandler to drive - you will get the "Good screen" notification. Should your teammate results off the pick, you will get the "Screen assist".
  • Don't hold the ball for too long. Always pass, call a play or a pick out and roll. In case you are just dribling the ball you will get the "Held ball too long" and your grade meter will drain a lot.
  • Toss accurate passes. Most of the time, you will get the "Good pass" if your teammate is open.
  • Always make an effort to stop the opponent's fast break. If you get back on support fast, you will get the "Good transition defence".
  • Always play physical protection. If you play good defence and the opponent misses the shot, you will get the "Good shot defense" and your grade meter will load up. Also, good physical defence, for example, can make your opponent toss an undesirable pass resulting in a turnover, that may offer you "Forced turnover" and fill up your quality meter a bit.
  • In the event you don't guard the player you were designed to guard, you will get the "Leave assignment" review, which will drain your grade meter. If this individual scores, you will also find the "Defensive breakdown".
  • Try to anticipate goes by for easy steals. Walks off with will increase your level meter, and if you score in a fast break you will also find the "Steal/block leading to a score". You can also get the "Poke ball loose" if you just poked it, but didn't find the grab.
  • Blocked shots will also increase your meter.
  • Often boxout. Always try to boxout you opponents (L2/LT) once they shoot. If they miss, press Triangle/Y to jump and get that rebound.
  • A good aley-oop will cause an "Assist" and "Alley-oop pass". Generate sure your passing ranking is high and your teammate is in a good position for an alley-oop.
  • Attempt to avoid reach-in fouls. You should always stay aggressive on defense, but don't always try to steal the ball from the ballhandler. Unless your steal rating is high and the player with the ball is a great ballhandler, you is only going to get the "Reach in foul", which will reduce your meter.
  • In case your team makes a solid get a score at the end, you'll the "Good ball movement".
  • If you do a good dribble move and score at the end, you will definitely get the "Double move bringing about a score".

Here are some NBA 2K17 tips to get that A+ grade every time in MyCAREER!

Take good shots

Don't pressure shots, take open and bright looks. Even in case you miss, you'll get a “Good shot choice”.

Be selective when calling for the ball:

Be sure you're in and open an excellent spot to catch the pass, or your grade will take a hit with “Excessive call for pass”.

Make good passes:

A well timed and logical pass that places your teammate in a good situation will provide you with a nice grade boost by getting assistance as well as the “ pass” evaluation that is good.

Don't hold the ball too long:

No person likes a ball hog, and that includes the teammate grading system. Continue to keep the ball moving to avoid the "Held ball too long" penalty and get the "Good ball movement" boost to your grade.

Set screens:

Both off-ball or on-ball, establishing a pick (circle/b) is a fairly easy way to get your grade up and you could do it too many times every possession.

Boxout and rebound:

Boxout (L2/LT) the other team's rebounders and try to get the rebound (Triangle/Y) for a grade boost.

Put on the jukes and finish:

By simply performing dribble moves and then finishing the play, you'll get a "Double move leading to a score" boost to your grade.

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