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NBA 2K17 Face Scanning Tips: How to Scan Your Face into NBA 2K17

Thursday, October 27, 2016 10:28:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

NBA 2K17 released for weeks now, if you want to really get into NBA 2K17, merely select scanning your face once again within the sport. Unlike NBA 2K17's last few records, you can't use a ps Camera or Kinect for your Xbox One. You'll need Android or iOS device, which will be used-to scan that person is downloaded on by the application. The NBA 2K17 Encounter Checking app is free on Android and the next advice is taken by the iOS systems. Please that is functioning so you can get perfect check under consideration.

Note: This feature is only available on Xbox and Playstation. PC users will have to make do without it.


How to Scan Your Face into NBA 2K17? Steps as follow:

1. Download the Android software for your phone. Make certain it's not the 2016 app. 279 MB is weighed by that one.

2. Log in to Xbox Live bill or your PSN. If you don't log-in initially you employ the software, you can certainly do it later via Choices (enter the selection inside the upper right spot, choose selections, search completely along and choose handle login). Make sure you've set your MyPLAYER consideration up and related and MyNBA2K17 and it together.



3. In MyNBA2K17, select "Scan Your Face" from the main menu.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts.



NBA 2K17 Face Scanning Tips:

1. Make sure your face as light that is much as possible outside on the warm day will be excellent. Artificial works not better than natural light. This is actually the single greatest cause of negative scans.

2. Your face must be well-lit without shadows.Also, from the top, support the phone at eye level.

3. Don't have glasses, hat and another accessories.Pull back your hair if enough to protect elements of that person.

4. Support the telephone at eye level, about 18″ (45 cm) from your own face.You don't always need to create that person fill-up the outline on the monitor.

5. Slowly move your face up to 45 levels in each course. Search forward while your mind turns.

6. Don't move the phone around – rotate your head instead.

7. If you've blinked on any of the pictures, repeat the whole scan.


Cannot login to MyNBA2K17? Try as follow:

Many players are reporting problems logging into the MyNBA2K17 phone app.

1.Restarting your phone

2.Reinstalling the app

3.Checking your internet connection

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