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FIFA 17 Player of the Month – POTM Premier League Cards for FUT

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 6:15:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

Do you want to discover the nominees and champions of the Barclay's Premier League FIFA 17 Player of the Month? We'll be changing every FIFA 17 POTM card below! If you would like to view all of the latest FUT Squad Building Problems, then check our live information out.



FIFA 17 Player of the Month for the Barclays Premier League

What are FUT POTM Cards?

With comparable considerable stat increases to that of an inform, EA SPORTS FIFA have been delivering untradeable Player of the Month inform cards for the Barclays Premier League, considering that the discharge of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. The nominees are announced by EA Sports and also the winners are chosen for by the neighborhood. In order to acquire these specific BPL POTM cards consumers have to complete regular FIFA 17 Group Building Problems, these challenges are often based on the chosen player's existing team, the league they play in as well as their nationality. So far when the team has been concluded these SBC teams have contained three problems, all rewards including the BPL POTM participant will instantly be placed into your items.


FIFA 17 POTM Cards for FUT 17

As soon as new FIFA 17 POTM cards become available we will update them right here!

FIFA 17 Player of the Month for October, 2016

Reported Friday, 18 November, 2016. Nominees: Tom Heaton (Burnley), Joe Allen (Stoke Area), N’golo Kante (Chelsea), Eden Danger (Chelsea), Ikay Gundogan (Person City), Diego Costa (Chelsea) and Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool).

FIFA 17 Player of the Month for September, 2016

Heung-Min Son



FIFA 17 Player of the Month for August, 2016

Raheem Sterling




When do FIFA 17 POTM cards get released?

FIFA 17 Player of the Month cards are usually released around the 18th of the month.

When does FIFA 17 POTM Voting take place?

FIFA 17 Person of the Month cards voting takes place often across the 2nd – 4th of the month, and may last up to a week around the standard Barclay's Premier League website. The nominees will also be introduced currently.

How much do the Player of the Month cards stats get boosted by?

The winners receive statistic increases on their new purple / silver card in accordance with that of their next advise card. This can be a fairly major escalation in stats.


FIFA 17 October's POTM Prediction

FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenge is not used to FUT 17 this season, which is a great way for most of individuals to produce fifa coins. These challenges vary in offer and difficultly advantages such as free FUT packs and unique blue and crimson Squad Building Concern informs. The 83 rated Heung-Min Child as the next POTM card, because the wonderful efficiency in Europe. There are numerous incredible player in PL, who would be named on October to Top League Player of the Month? Let us take a peek at prospective players for Premier League Participant of the Month for March.

October Ratings (Past-Present):
Allen: 7.75, 8.92, 7.36, 8.64, 8.1675
Costa: 8.81, 7.87, 7.4, 8.47, 8.1375
Lukaku: 7.48, 7.42, 7.18, 9.21, 7.8225
Hazard: 7.81, 8.18, 8.91, 8.87, 8.4425


There's without doubt that Hazard has amazing efficiency in PL this month for Chelsea, who won 3 goals, and 1 help. Chelsea won all their games in October. And, you can find many person voted Hazard to become the October's POTM. I think it really is 50/50 between Allen though,Before the complement Monday I would have stated Risk 100% now. Numbers are simply the same and Threat continues to be the top person while in the Top this month. Can come down to which crew they believe had a much better month. they also played with the 3 worst squads inside the league and then drew with united although Stoke climbed up. Then you have Chelsea who had an awful Sept however rose back in 4 that is top using an undefeated March and did not acknowledge a goal.

Joe Allen:

The majority of individuals show that Allen will be the next POTM when it comes to his excellent performance for Stoke. He has 2 and has scored in 4 of his last 6 activities assist and it has had an average ranking of 7.51. "There are different individuals such as Danger or Diego Costa. I think he deserves it over the others because he's been enjoying at Stoke who actually struggled at that time and he still managed to be as effective as he was." The supporter stated what he thought. as one of the best online fifa 17 coins store, glad to offer cheap fifa 17 points for ps4/xbox one. Online big Coupon Codes are offered for you to buy fifa 17 coins in mmorog.

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