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FIFA 17 PL POTM March Predictions Lukaku vs King

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 11:16:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

No Premier League basketball for 2 days until April, so it's time for FIFA 17 POTM March! Here we reveal POTM SBC and the FIFA 17 Premier League POTM March Forecasts investing information. There are two real competitors for EA FIFA 17 PL POTM March - Joshua King and Romelu Lukaku, who'll earn? This situation is extremely much like the FIFA 17 POTM Feb - Lukaku vs Kane. And Lukaku will receive a black card therefore his POTM card will soon be 90 rated.

Lukaku - 4 goals, 2 assist in 3 games

Yet again, Romelu has been using down this month, getting himself 4 goals along with 2 assists, now he is the top score in the Leading League with 21 goals this season. However Everton have only won 2 games this month, anticipated to their loss against Spurs, which could give King an advantage in this sense. Also the goals that Lukaku obtained were not as critical as King's, as Lukaku's goals didn't lead to a win which they otherwise may have lost.

What to invest in:

- Athens special cards - many Belgium IFs are already inflated now. Other greeting cards less than the IFs such as MOTM and so forth. Note: IFs will be more valuable because it is much more likely they will be required than any other special playing cards.

- EPL high rated IFs, 83+ rated, such as Shawcross, Llorente. 

- Premier League high rated players, always good to pick up cheap high rated EPL players.

- Belgium players that play in Premier League. Alderwireld, Courtious, Vertonghen, Kompany, etc.

- Everton IFs

- Everton Rares

Lukaku has played for these teams


 West Bromwich Albion



 I would cover all these teams, buy at least 2-4 players from each team.

- They could require a full Everton team but I highly doubt it.

Teams Lukaku played this month

 Tottenham - Scored 1 against them.

 West Bromwhich Albion - 1 goal 1 assit

 Hull City - 2 goals, 1 assist



King - 4 goals, 1 assist in 3 games

Consider many players do not think he will be expensive if he gets the PL POTM Walk, King is silver player in the game, can not imagine EA so that it is expensive. In may this individual scored 4 goals and grabbed 1 assist too. Along with this, this individual written for all 3 games that Bournemouth played out this month, together with a goal in a 1-1 draw with Gatwick United, and a do not lik trick in a 3-2 win against West Pig.

What to invest in:

- Norway Players, high rated the better

- Bournemouth IFs

- Bournemouth players

- EPL Informs 74+ rated

- EPL Silvers, may require full EPL silver team

- EPL 80+ rated players

Teams Joshua King has played

- Valerenga - Youth Career

- Manchester United

- Borussia Monchengladbach - Loan

- Preston North End - Loan

- Hull City - Loan

- Blackburn Rovers

Teams Joshua King played in March

- Manchester United - 1 goal

- West Ham - 3 goals

- Swansea - 1 assist



Never forget: always sell in the hype. We will bring up to date the FIFA 17 Best League Player of the Month March news in here, who will get the PL POTM of March? Very exciting.

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