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World of Warcraft: The most successful raiding guild in the world is falling apart

Sunday, September 13, 2015 11:05:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Guilds arise and die every day in World of Warcraft. That's basically nothing particularly exciting. But if from Method, the most successful guild in the world, suddenly 7 members disappear, then, makes the topic of conversation within the raid scene. What has perhaps kept in the first moments of a joke, has now become reality: Many former members of the Method have new guild Serenity founded (which means something like "Cool" means). Now spoke those responsible about their reasons for the new beginning.

WoW Archimonde
In Hellfire Citadel Method recorded some successes.

Sco, one of the remaining members of Method, spoke up and said that currently takes place a major restructuring within the guild. The reasons are Still Sco tried the whole thing on a few points break down and the quintessence of it is "as available with a variety that a psychologist could probably write a whole book about it." Different motivations in the guild, distrust in their motivation of the leaders and the general loss of interest in hardcore-Raiden in World of Warcraft.

The future of Serenity? Promising.

In addition, Serenity consumed by members of several Raid guilds. Also Slootbag, the main tank of the guild Midwinter has left his former colleagues and joined Serenity. For him it was especially important to join a guild that puts all of the resources in the race for a first kill, and he saw not the case with his previous guild.

How Serenity develops, is still questionable. But it seems now to be sure that there will be the start of a new expansion Legion, major players in the race for the first kills. That there is to Sponsorgengelder in the matter, is in a raiding guild at this level is also no secret - at least Sco hinted at this.

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