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‘World of Warcraft’: Blizzard Speaks About The Possibility Of An MMO Sequel

Sunday, August 16, 2015 8:41:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blizzard's flagship MMO "World of Warcraft" has once again been making waves ever since the recent Gamescom reveal of its newest expansion: Legion. "World of Warcraft's" seemingly unbreakable iron grip on the MMO industry has naturally led fans to speculate about whether or not Blizzard plans to ever transition into a newer, shinier sequel, and now Blizzard has officially commented on its stance regarding a possible successor to "World of Warcraft's" reign.


While at Gamescom, "World of Warcraft" executive producer J. Allen Brack spoke to IGN, saying that Blizzard is wary of producing an MMO sequel to "World of Warcraft," since most MMO sequels tend to perform poorly:

"You know, there's not really a great model for a successful sequel MMO. Virtually all of them have been very significant failures and I think we're very conscious of that - not just small failures, either."

While Blizzard is aware of fan speculation regarding a sequel, Brack says that the company is still very committed to the original "World of Warcraft," and is even working on ideas for the next expansion after Legion:

"We're not actively working on anything on the MMO front that is not World of Warcraft. We were completely dedicated to the Warlords of Draenor expansion and now the Legion expansion. We're even thinking about the expansion after that - we're already talking about what comes next."

Despite the seemingly solid stance towards "World of Warcraft" that Blizzard has now, such wasn't always the case. A few years back, the studio had another MMO project, codenamed Project Titan, in the works, but ended up cancelling it when it failed to meet internal expectations. Whether Project Titan was directly related to "World of Warcraft" is something that Blizzard will likely never elaborate on, but at least "World of Warcraft" fans can rest assured that, for the foreseeable future at least, Blizzard only has eyes for its first MMO baby.   

The only MMO sequel that has seemingly found any measure of success is ArenaNet's "Guild Wars 2," which is itself ramping up for the launch of its first expansion: Heart of Thorns. Still, "Guild Wars 2's" success pales in comparison to "World of Warcraft's" following, even with the latter's drastically rubberbanding subscriber numbers.

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