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The Month Ahead in World of Warcraft: March

Thursday, March 3, 2016 12:10:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The chilly winter has come to a conclusion and with it comes the flowering of Springtime!

There really are lots of in-game events arriving this month, so let us have a look at the bonus weekly events first! The occasions are as follows:

1.Apexis Crystal Bonus Event (2nd - 7th March) - Grab your buddies and get farming for the extra Apexis Crystals that will be dropping across Draenor!

2.Arena Skirmishes Bonus Event (9th - 14th March) - With triple honour being awarded from Arena Skirmishes, this is the perfect time to gear up your alts and fight for your faction!

3.Timewalking Dungeon Event: Northrend (16th - 21th March) - Journey back into the icy cold dungeons of Northrend with the Timewalking event of the month!

4.Battlegrounds Bonus Event (23rd - 28th March) - Did you miss out on a few pieces of gear during the Arena Skirmish event? Fear not, you can jump into some battlegrounds for even more triple honour!

The fete of Noblegarden is among the very joyous occasions across Azeroth! Nobles and the lords have treasures that are concealed through the towns, each expecting to be discovered from the adventurers that are most rapid. Ensure that you join in the festivities and also you may be fortunate to locate a few of the treasures!


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