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General Legion Updates

Monday, March 14, 2016 12:44:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Upgrades coming out from several Twitter accounts concerning Legion problems and matters are often seen by us.

The very first tweet comes to Warlocks' summoning charms in response to issues regarding the changes. Their cast time is reduced, although a shard price was added to the charms.

The brand new stadium being introduced in Legion is being looked in by our next tweet. The map shares a place with all the place where their artifact quest chain is completed by Feral Druids, so players were expecting that people might see another world PvP region, similar to Nagrand stadium in Outland. Regrettably, it appears the place will remain as a non-PvP place for the near future.

Wherever she will be there, so that it seems like she will soon be rejoining us!

Our last set of tweets revolve around the exact same theme: stadiums and skirmishes. It appears that Blizzard have shown their dislike DPS combo that frequently appears in the existing meta. On the Alpha, it appears healers cannot queue into skirmishes that are 2v2 in any way, rather being put just into 3v3 matches.


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