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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 7:55:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

The World of Warcraft: Legion expansion brings with it a new continent, the Broken Isles, which has been invaded by the Burning Legion. New dungeons and raids, a level cap of 110, a new Honor System, along with new Artifact Weapons and the Demon Hunter class.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Seth Macy

World Of Warcraft: Legion Will Have Flying Mounts

Sunday, August 9, 2015 7:36:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

World Of Warcraft players won't stay grounded in new expansion Legion. Designer Ion Hazzikostas says that players will be able to use their flying mounts while exploring the new zones. 

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By PETE HAAS

Gamescom is up and running in Cologne, Germany, and Blizzard has teased that it'll be announcing the next expansion for its hugely popular online game, World of Warcraft. Here we show you how to watch the live stream online.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Lewis Painter

New World of Warcraft Expansion to be Unveiled at Gamescom 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:41:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blizzard will be unveiling its newest World of Warcraft expansion following Warlords of Draenor on this year's Gamescom in Cologne on August 6, 9am PDTHere's the official announcement. It's weird Blizzard didn't wait until BlizzCon where they usually reveal newest expansions and game titles, but they most likely need the hype. Exactly a year passed, between when Blizzard announced Warlords and its release, wondering whether Hellfire Citadel will be available for an additional year as Blizzard stated no additional major patch is coming. 

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Mimiron

A Handy Way To Gear Up Quickly In World of Warcraft

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 7:11:30 PM America/Los_Angeles

Gearing up got way easier after Warlords of Draenor’s 6.2 patch added Apexis Crystals: If you collect enough crystals you can gear up your character without any effort in pretty strong item level 695 gear. But there’s a relatively easy way to push things to item level 700.

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'World Of Warcraft' Patch 6.2 Hotfixes Update Includes New PvP Combat Details

Monday, July 27, 2015 1:11:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

"World of Warcraft" ("WoW") has released its latest "hotfixes" update for the “Fury of Hellfire” 6.2 Patch. These contain information on the issues that have been resolved in the game, such as the Tanaan Jungle, Hellfire Citadel, Player versus Player (PvP) and Class issues.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Janice

Blizzard has released new hotfix updates to “World of Warcraft” Patch 6.2 “Fury of Hellfire” on Monday. This includes the usual tuning of classes as well as quests, raids, dungeons and a number of bug fixes – like not being able to queue for pet battles through the pet journal while players are in Tanaan Jungle.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Saira Mueller

World of Warcraft Mercenary PvP Mode – New Details and Patch Features

Sunday, July 19, 2015 7:53:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are a lot of World of Warcraft fans out there and in case you are one of them, then we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy reading this article. According to some reports, Blizzards has already announced their brand new Mercenary Mode that will be released on World of Warcraft unranked PvP matches, to allow gamers to play for the enemy faction.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Lestoc

World of Warcraft Might Help People Progress as Leaders

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 8:01:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the claim that video games can positively impact a person’s development in different ways – mostly mentally – and now a new article has been going around the Internet, claiming that “World of Warcraft” in particular could be a very useful learning tool for people who want to become strong leaders. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone spending their entire waking life playing the game will be in a good position – but moderated playing can definitely have a positive impact, it seems.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Arash

With an epic new trailer for Batman vs Superman, sneak-peek footage from Quentin Tarantino’s forthcoming western The Hateful Eight – not to mention a special treat for Star Wars fans – Comic-Con 2015 was a vintage year for movie lovers. The annual pop culture extravaganza, which took place in San Diego from Thursday to Sunday, saw the core cast of the original Star Wars movies – Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher – reunited on stage on Friday evening to promote the new sequel, Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

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Posted in World of Warcraft Wow By Erika
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