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Your Complete Overwatch Tracer Guide on How to Have a Thrilling Gaming Experience

Thursday, May 5, 2016 7:31:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Overwatch cannot be complete without Tracer, a unique hero amongst the other impressive characters. However, you need to master some skills and tactics to play her with the aim of staying alive and winning. Tracer’s blinking ability enables her to race with extreme speed on the map. The ammo levels make the video game even more exciting. With the aid of previous ammo levels and health, Tracer can reverse back time so as to restore herself to the former position on the map. With just a blink of an eye, the unique character can empty her ammo clip so as to maintain her previous position on the map. This thrilling video game is not for the faint-hearted.  

how to play tracer in overwatch

It is obvious that you need to have a fast thinking mind and keen reflex to study the battle thrown at you and determine your next move. Since the idea is to stay alive, the best move to make is to balance your ammunition reserves. The game keeps you on toes constantly offering a satisfactory gaming experience. To make the game more interesting and prolonged, you need to learn some of Tracer’s abilities. Thanks to this overwatch tracer guide, mastering the tested and proven strategy tips of killing faster and staying alive has never been this easy. 

Recall (activated by the E key) 

Things can get a little complicated if you have no idea how to utilize this ability of Tracer. Activating this skill allows the hero to be moved back to the position she physically occupied three seconds earlier. This helps her to regain the ammo level and health she earlier had. This powerful ability of Tracer involves running away from situations that are difficult to handle, basically escaping uninvited effects and gaining health for mid-fight combat. 


Pulse Bomb (activated by the Q key)

Ultimate Pulse Bomb is an explosive charge which offers a very impressive damage. The ability is perfect for destroying all the tanks of the enemies, even the toughest ones. There are various strategies that you can apply as far as pulse bomb is concerned. No doubt, that this Tracer’s ability is a sure way to make the toughest heroes exit the battlefield abruptly. 

Blink (activated by the Shift/RMB keys) 

You will definitely fall in love with this truly defining Tracer’s ability which enables her to teleport progressively a short distance and can do so three times prior to the ability to recharge up and this being only within seconds of time. 

Pulse pistols (activated by the LMB keys) 

The damaged offered by this ability is not that powerful but the good thing is that the clip can be unloaded within a second and reloaded in the next second. It is imperative before blinking to a combat you ensure that you have a fully loaded weapon. Being caught unaware without the ability to fight back against your rival can decrease your chance of staying alive. 

overwatch tracer guide


Conquering this hero is not something you can do overnight. It takes time to master Tracer’s skills and gain control over her abilities. If you make use of the above tactics and tips, you are guaranteed of a challenging conquest.

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