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World of Warcraft Might Help People Progress as Leaders

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 8:01:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the claim that video games can positively impact a person’s development in different ways – mostly mentally – and now a new article has been going around the Internet, claiming that “World of Warcraft” in particular could be a very useful learning tool for people who want to become strong leaders. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone spending their entire waking life playing the game will be in a good position – but moderated playing can definitely have a positive impact, it seems.

We’ve been hearing about it in different ways. For example, John Seely Brown has gone on record saying that he would rather hire someone with a high level in “World of Warcraft” than someone with an MBA from Harvard. IBM seems to be applying strategies from the game in their own leadership, improving the workflow at the company and resulting in much better progress for their employees.

What is it about “WoW” that makes it so good for learning how to lead people though? On one hand, there’s communication – being good at the game requires a player to talk to others and coordinate various events with them, and this takes some skill and practice.

Digital communication is especially prevalent in the world of this title, and it’s not rare for players to set up elaborate systems for keeping in touch with each other while playing the game. It’s also important to build a successful team where everyone has their goal and is striving for it – this alone can be of huge benefit to someone looking to do the same thing with a real team in a company later on.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to pick out a successful group of players for a crew in “World of Warcraft”, and a leader must also be able to make the critical decision to let people go when they’re not performing adequately. This is an integral part of evolving in the game, and the reason why some players end up so much more successful in it than others. Those who know how to handle themselves and other people at the same time will definitely have an easier experience with “World of Warcraft”.

Another aspect of the game is that it motivates volunteers, something which can carry over to working in an actual company. When an employee is regularly pushed to contribute to additional projects outside of the main scope of their work, this can have some pretty impressive positive results on their performance.

Persistence is another side of it, but it’s questionable how much this argument can be applied to “World of Warcraft” specifically. While it’s true that it’s important to stay active in the game in order to be successful in it, some players tend to overdo that by playing far too much for their own good.

The stigma that surrounds “World of Warcraft” and MMORPGs in general seems to be fading away, as more people are starting to realize that this kind of hobby can be completely acceptable and even somewhat productive to a person’s life. As with most things, the important thing is that it’s done in moderation and some thought is applied to playing

Meanwhile, the game is still getting regular updates despite being over a decade old, and we don’t know when that might stop. Blizzard seem to have a good mind to keep it supported for a long time, and the studio has been very responsible with their maintenance, always ready to apply new balancing changes and bug fixes.

But of course, the game wouldn’t be here if it didn’t also have its active and dedicated community. There are lots of people out there who regularly play “World of Warcraft” and love to discuss the title in detail, and this drives its development forward to some extent.

It’s not rare, for example, that Blizzard would take a suggestion made by the community and implement it into the main game, although sometimes this can lead to controversy among fans if it concerns a feature that has been widely debated before.

Blizzard are good at managing their community, in any case, as the studio knows not only how to listen to what their fans are saying, but also how to communicate with them whenever necessary. The studio is sometimes annoyingly quiet on certain issues, but they always speak up when it matters.

There have been rumors of more major developments coming up on the “World of Warcraft” front soon, but of course we have to wait for Blizzard to say something themselves. Needless to say, players have been very actively discussing what kind of additional content their favorite game might get in the future, and there are lots of things that fans would apparently like to see happening.

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