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World of Warcraft Mercenary PvP Mode – New Details and Patch Features

Sunday, July 19, 2015 7:53:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are a lot of World of Warcraft fans out there and in case you are one of them, then we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy reading this article. According to some reports, Blizzards has already announced their brand new Mercenary Mode that will be released on World of Warcraft unranked PvP matches, to allow gamers to play for the enemy faction.

This new Mercenary Mode will be added to an upcoming patch, but is not yet know when this will happen. It seems that the new Mercenary PvP mode will allow the players that have big waiting time periods to fight for the other side as a mercenary.

According to Blizzard, they will add this feature that will allow players to act as mercenaries and to be part of the opposite faction in Player vs. Player. The developers said that whenever you have a big waiting time to get in Ashran or any unrated Battleground, some agents of the enemy faction will appear in your base in Stormshield if you are from Alliance faction or Warspear if you are from Horde faction. By interacting with these agents, you will be able to enter Ashran and unrated Battlegrounds and fight as the opposite faction.

Unfortunately, you will not get any bonus rewards for winning or losing a game that you’ve played against your faction. With other words, you will gain exactly the same rewards that you would’ve gained while playing for your faction.

At the same time, after joining a PvP game in Ashran or Battleground in the opposite faction, your character’s looks will be similar as the faction you are playing for.

This new Mercenary PvP mode will surely be enjoyed by a lot of players who don’t want to wait too long in order to join Ashran or an unrated Battleground. This is great for servers where there are too many players in a faction and too few in the other faction.

What re your thoughts about the upcoming Mercenary PvP Mode that will be brought to World of Warcraft?


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