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World of Warcraft Legion Classes Preview 12 Hunter

Monday, November 23, 2015 9:03:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Hunter is the master of beast, the survivor of wild and talent of trail. It can cast attacks while moving and the beasts under its command are powerful, but all three specs deliver fantasies while the distinction between them is fairly minimal. Legion will vary and distinguish these specializations

Beastmaster Hunter’s battle style is changed, all sorts of commands on beast are simplified with Dire Beast as the core and applying Cobra Shot as refilling skill only. With 10 seconds’ cooldown and lasting for 8 seconds, Dire Beast enables Beastmaster Hunter enough Focus coverage to launch attacks. Its Legendary weapon is Titanstrike in gun-shape.

Survival Hunter uses melee weapon!And finally the concept of melee hunter is realized! Survival Hunter is also the only one to apply traps and fights enemy toe-to-toe. One name suddenly comes out of my mind-- Rexxar! The core skill of Survival Hunter is Mongoose Bite with which Focus is accelerated and strong physical damage is dealt. It is no doubt that Survival Hunter chooses the melee Legendary weapon Talonclaw, Spear of the Wild Gods.

Marksman Hunter focuses itself on solo hunting who explores the wild without beasts’ companion. With the gone of beasts’ output, Arcane Shot is redesigned to gain Focus for launching more other skills instead of exhausting. Also the Black Arrow and Lock and Load have been transited into Marksman talents to compliment the loss from beasts.The bow-type Legendary weapon Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners belongs to Marksman Hunter.

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