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'World Of Warcraft' Patch 6.2 Hotfixes Update Includes New PvP Combat Details

Monday, July 27, 2015 1:11:29 AM America/Los_Angeles

"World of Warcraft" ("WoW") has released its latest "hotfixes" update for the “Fury of Hellfire” 6.2 Patch. These contain information on the issues that have been resolved in the game, such as the Tanaan Jungle, Hellfire Citadel, Player versus Player (PvP) and Class issues.

'World Of Warcraft' 6.2 Patch Hotfixes Update reports that the hotfixes for the "World of Warcraft" 6.2 Patch were released Thursday. They include information about Supreme Lord Kazzak, Combat Rogues, Affliction Warlocks, Warmaster Blackhorn and Ashran. Plus, the internal bag error issue has been fixed.

1. PvP: All the damage and healing absorption has been reduced by 15% in PvP combat. This hotfix is in testing.

2. Raids and Dungeons

a. Dragon Soul (Warmaster Blackhorn): The issue that affects "WoW" players who damage Goriona and Warmaster Blackhorn too quickly has been resolved. This particular issue prevented players from progressing to the next encounter with a boss.

b. Hellfire Citadel (General):

  • Combat Rogues shouldn't receive daggers through Bonus Roll or Personal Loot anymore.
  • Affliction Warlocks shouldn't receive Prophecy of Fear through Bonus Roll or Personal Loot anymore.

3.  Ashran: "WoW" players that accept the queue and teleport into Ashran should now be able to receive credit when their faction wins an event.

4. Class

a. Warlock (Affliction): Haunt deals 25% less damage in PvP combat now.

b. Druid (Balance): Starsurge deals 15% less damage in PvP combat now. This hotfix is currently in testing.

5. Tanaan Jungle: Supreme Lord Kazzak is now immune to taunts from the Bodyguard Followers.

6. Bug Fix: Players who enter a seamless instance with the prospected ore window open experienced an internal bag error. This error has been fixed.

Other "WoW" “Fury of Hellfire” 6.2 Patch hotfixes were also released from Monday to Wednesday. It includes details about the Class Tuning Changes, Achievements, Items, Garrisons, Hellfire High Council, Talents, Hellfire Citadel, Creatures and Non-player Characters (NPCs). The issue that affected crashes while loading into an Arena was also fixed. The same goes for the issues of queuing for Pet Battles in Tanaan Jungle and for a party for Timewalking dungeons, which have been resolved as well.

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