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WoW 7.0 Artifacts Preview

Thursday, October 29, 2015 10:52:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

WoW Legion was unveiled at gamescom, but we're going to be looking at one of its most interesting features - Artifacts.

In Patch 7.0, which is supposed to be initial WoW Legion's Patch, there will be no weapon drops. Instead, all Heroes will acquire so-called Artifact weapons early in-game that will grow in power alongside players. A resource named Artifact Power will be earned through engaging in most types of play and players can use this power to unlock trait trees for their Artifacts to enhance their power. Each class specialization will have own artifact weapons, so in total there will be 36. This means that a subtlety rogue will have different Artifact weapons from a combat rogue.

Players will be able to customize the appearance of their Artifact weapons. Not only can you alter its design, but you can use tints as well. Master skins for Artifact weapons will be unlocked via leveling up your weapon, other skins will be acquired via raiding, PvP, daily quests, reputation and more.

As mentioned already, Artifact weapons will grow in power with every Hero. To make this possible there's something called Artifact Power, which will be earned via questing, leveling up, killing bosses and completing other objectives in Legion. Artifact Power unlocks weapon traits. Eventually, you'll unlock all traits, but it's up to you to pick, in which order. Artifacts also have relic slots, that upgrade their stats like DPS, spell power etc. These modifiers can be obtained via questing, dungeons and in raids. Artifact weapons can't be Warforged.

PvP players will have the option to customize their weapon styles as well, so if you don't like its appearance, you can modify it with Honor/Conquests.

Feral druids will not have weapon-specific modifications. Instead, their form will be changed and customizable.

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