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Witness a peaceful day in GTA V

Monday, January 18, 2016 8:47:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

GTA V is known as a visceral and violent action game with a focus on criminal activity. It is known for its over-the-top scenes and wanton carnage. It is known for its NPCs no longer caring about their own personal safety.

However, if the explosions clear, the dust settles, and the blood is washed away, Los Santos can actually be a really nice place to live. Great climate, nice views, advanced infrastructure, and great job opportunities… and the high mortality rate constantly opens up positions that need to be filled.

PEDs walking around with a tasty doughnut, taking their dog for a walk, enjoying a morning run, or waiting for their bus. The animals of the city come and go, civilians walk to an fro.

This is a face of GTA V few players ever see. It’s one you’ll never encounter online, but you can glimpse in single player. Get rid of the HUD, walk instead of running, stay away from vehicles, and ignore the random events. Keep your weapons to yourself.

When you look at it, many, if not most things in GTA V happen independently from the player. You’d think that the world revolves around you, that you decide who lives and who dies. You control what happens, and when. But in reality, the GTA V world would happily go on without you to mess up everyone’s day.

Los Santos is a happy, peaceful city. Sure, it has a few run down neighborhoods, but what city doesn’t? Technically, most of Los Santos’ problems are caused by the player.

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