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Top Madden Mobile Team Building Tips

Monday, April 25, 2016 6:18:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Madden mobile normally gets off an easy start but then things get really tough. The competition becomes stiff by the scale and it takes a toll on the team. To survive and become out of the top teams on the game, you have to build a strong team despite the competition and to do this, there are strategies you have to follow. Below are a few madden mobile team building tips that will help you build a strong team. 

madden mobile team building tips form mmorog

· Understand Team Ranking.

Team ranking determines how good your team is as well as how well you compare to the opposition. The total number of score from all the team players is combined together, including the defense, the offence as well as the special teams. To increase your team ranking, you can buy new player cards on your team, which you can do by bidding for card packs at the Auction House or simply buying them. Of course, you should go easy on the spending because you want to save the coins for other special deals.

· Be the coach.

Most of the time, a lot of players choose to let the artificial intelligence deal with coaching and they always keep accepting everything suggested. Nothing wrong with this, but its better when you do the play-calling yourself. Of course, the playbook is normally complicated in the beginning but the AI’s coaching style is too simple, uses small number of plays and most often than not, does not make smart situational decisions.

· Avoid dumping unwanted players too soon.

When you realize you have a player you will not need any more try not to let go right away, they might come in handy after all. If the player belongs to one of the sets, holding on to them means a complete set, which allows you to get more cool rewards. Once you win, you can put them up for auction or just sell them.

· Avoid going on Head-to-Head with tough players.

It doesn’t really make you a coward but if the opponent is very tough, don’t play head-to-head, not when it’s clear who is going to win. Actually, taking on stronger teams than yours is not a good idea because your chances of losing are higher and winning does not get you better rewards. 

· Buy low then sell high.

When you are shopping for players in order to generate profit, go for the ones that have a lower market value then once you want to sell them, raise the Buy it now and minimum prices keeping them, low enough for other players to afford them. This means that you make more profits without having to sacrifice the important players in the team. and you can also buy madden mobile coins from us.

madden mobile auctions house is one good place to find players

· Pay attention to speed ratings.

Most people let the computer AI’s decide the lineup by using the Best Lineup Button but if you want to have the best rushers, returners and receivers for your team, you might want to do some manual fine-tuning. Having the right players on the team means a strong team so consider the speed rating when choosing your receivers, halfbacks and returners.

For this reason, following the above mentioned madden mobile team build up tips you will be able to build a strong and reliable team.

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