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Top 4 Games Which Make PS4 The Perfect Place To Play In 2016

Sunday, May 1, 2016 9:12:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sony's PS4 currently is ruling the console industry, and that is most likely because it has got one of the most powerful game line-ups of virtually any platform on the market. Whether you are after an amazing racing game, a more in-depth RPG or perhaps something to try out with buddies at a gathering, you're certain to come across something perfect on the PS4. This short article features a list of four of the best PS4 games 2016. For more news about the best games, you can pay more attention to us!

1. Uncharted 4: Among Thieves 

Uncharted 4: Among Thieves best games in 2016

An array of visually spectacular games will be appearing on PS4 in 2016, and there is an excellent chance that none is going to match Uncharted 4. This particular graphically intense adventure by Nathan Drake presents the gamer with the kind of experience to justify being the owner of the system. Spectacular sights, as well as city streets packed with people, only start to express the elegance of this particular third person shooter. Whenever a grenade sets off in the marketplace, for instance, the explosion sends nicely stacked fruits flying everywhere. In the course of firefights, break tile and also hit sandbags with a gratifying punch. Then this action will go off road inside a vehicle, with Drake as well as partner Victor Sullivan smashing into the fences plus zipping through the fields during the quest for their target. We hope to invest hours appreciating everything that this particular game has to provide. Fortunately, there is more than a gorgeous exterior, along with an encouraging story, gratifying gunplay as well as addicting exploration ingredients enhancing the stunning aesthetics. 

2. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian PS4 2016 top games

Even though there is the possibility of a delay, it appears that The Last Guardian will eventually debut on a Sony console; it started as a PS3 special, after which it shifted to PS4. In it, gamers deal with a young guy trying to make it out of some ruins thanks to Trico, a huge creature having griffin and dog-like attributes. The game favors caution and also puzzle-solving more than combat, with players benefiting from each character’s skills and quite often working in tandem. 

3. Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5

It's been more than 6 years since Capcom exposed Street Fighter 4 to the masses. That particular release recharged the combating game genre, and today it appears that Capcom is ready for a repeat performance. Apart from simplifying the game for beginners, Street Fighter 5 furthermore provides a reasonable level of depth for hardcore gamers too. Combos are much easier to execute, but now technique is the key in this particularly complicated game of chess. There is going to be only a single release of Street Fighter 5, along with new characters which can be bought with real cash or even in-game currency. It can be everything you might desire from a fighting game.



It has been quite some time since we slaughtered demon scum, and fortunately, Bethesda will offer us an opportunity to raise hell in the following year’s reimagined edition of this id classic. The brand new version incorporates exactly the same quality shooting we have come to appreciate since the 1990s, although with exceptional gore-filled images. Using a chainsaw, we will slice up monsters in a number of ways, and the brand new melee finishing moves permit us to break heads underfoot as well as rip off their jaws. So when things get particularly nuts, the BFG comes out. We are surely getting excited about this particular game.

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