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The new points and features we have known at FIFA 17

Sunday, July 17, 2016 6:21:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Although FIFA fanatics have enjoyed playing FIFA 16, many have had several wish list ideas and features to make the game even better. EA Sports have finally considered their requests and have introduced new features in their latest version of FIFA 17. They have been working on those features for the past two years. The new game is the most realistic FIFA anyone has ever played. It will be available across the globe as from September 29 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The FIFA 17 new features include the following:

1. The Set Piece Rewrite.

FIFA 17 developers have rewritten the set pieces to allow gamers to take full control of all dead ball situations something that has been annoying in the previous generations. The way players take corners and spot kicks has changed to a great extent. You can now control the speed of approach, power on the ball, run-up techniques and even change direction in the last minute when taking penalties and free-kicks. 

The new version allows you to control corners and aim where they will land. You can do so using a reticule, and you can make it invincible to avoid your fellow gamer from seeing where you are aiming. You can also switch to the player receiving the ball to make sure that he is ready for the ball. 

Taking throw-ins has also been improved such that players taking them can move along the touchline and even fake throw-ins to confuse the opponents. The players can now take throw-ins without giving the ball away to the opponents. 

Although these new features seem a bit more complicated, they make the game more realistic and enjoyable and requires a lot of practice. The EA’s video featuring James Rodriguez demonstrates this new feature.

2. Real control of the ball

FIFA 17 has more emotive and realistic play in addition to more realistic player models. The lighting is more impressive as compared to the previous versions making night matches more attractive. All in all, the gameplay is more like a real football game. The players react more like real players and their more physicality in the way they play. 

You now have more control over the players who can fight to be in a better position for set pieces and throw-ins just like the real-world players. The tension between opposing players experienced in real football matches that you have been missing is now in FIFA 17. The inclusion of shielding enables you to protect your ball possession. 

3. My Journey’ campaign

FIFA 17 sees the introduction of story-led mode for the very first time. Dubbed The Journey, this story mode will see gamers play as a wonder-kid going by the name Alex Hunter. You will experience Alex’s life as he tries to make his name in the Premier League and will help him achieve his dreams. 


4. Revamped new AI system

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Your players in FIFA 17 are powered by the Active Intelligence System, a new and overhaul of the AI system used before. The players can position themselves in more strategic positions because they can analyze the space on the pitch in a better way. The support from your teammates in FIFA 17 is profound meaning they will not be letting you down like in other FIFA generations. You can now easily beat the opposing defenders because your teammates know how to utilize the available spaces in a better way. 

The above are some of the exciting FIFA 17 new features. EA Sports offers you a gaming year that you cannot afford to miss. If you want find more tips and news about FIFA 17 and also want buy cheap fifa 17 coins you can click here to see more.

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