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The Badges of NBA 2k17 Game and How to Get Them

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 6:27:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

NBA 2K17 is the hottest game video game here, game lovers cannot wait to attempt them out with the coolest and newest features unavailable in the previous model of the game. One of the key features is gathering 2K17 badges that are necessary for the gamers when they need to make the teams and players to dominate the opposite players. This is found already in the previous 2K16 game but it is an enhanced model that creates this year’s launch highly exciting. One of the famous features for the series of the game is mycarrier version that let each player to personalize the player through selecting which positions to begin the career with and picking the kind of player the video game personality will be improved in to.

how to get nba 2k17 badges


The basketball center, position, small forward, power forward, point guard and shooting guard will be available like choices to begin and the kind of player for playing technique such as sharp shooter, shot creater, lockdown defender,point forward, slasher and glass cleaner. Therefore each player can select when they need to be such as Stephen curry as a shooting guard or such as Lebron when they like to dominate the floor from all different skills. The badges are essential in obtaining to maximize these kinds of players and skills. With confirmed badges with fifty five numbers, the gamers will be able to improve the players quickly through gathering the badges. Personality badges are over for the players reactions to both on and off court conditions and could impact the hot streaks and on court character of the player.

nba 2k17 badges guide

Getting badges

Skills badges are regarding the gameplay and style in the game. The 2K17 badges are numerous also with the kinds such as pick, acrobat and roller, corner expert, drop steeper, tireless scorer, limitless range with several others found to be received or made by the players.In NBA 2K17 players can get four various types of badges in mycareer silver, bronze, gold and hall of fame. Each model contains its own special badges with hall of fame badge. To get purple colored badge you will want to put more time and effort. If you were surprising how to get the badge, search no more. You can follow the guide for unlocking the badge in NBA 2K17. Talent badges are listed as inside scoring, outside scoring, playmaking, athleticism, defensive badges and rebounding. If a player plays well within the specialty that player unlocks the powerful special skills within the models.

badge list for nba 2k17 game


You get five upgradable badges for every standard which can be improved to HOF. You can receive hall of fame badges which can be improved for your model like a playmaker you cannot earn hall of fame shooting badges. Prior you can make any badge you want to follow some steps. Have a look at the need to receive the bronze model of the badge you need and earn it. Buy the gold and silver upgrades with VC. Gold badges can be improved to purple color. Continue whatever you were performing to receive the bronze badge and a window will come and allow you understand that you received a hall of fame badge.

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