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Tell you some new things about Madden NFL 17 this year

Monday, May 23, 2016 6:17:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

It is already known to all of the enthusiastic gamers about the new version of the NFL Madden 17. It is also known what are the features added to it and where are the levels at which the game to improvised. EA has now started providing more details on the major elements that it is focusing with the game which are defense and offense. It is always good for you to know more about what are the stuffs added to the new version as it simplifies your entry to the game and easily winning it.

There were postings in EA’s Website that was based on the offense and defense part. They have that disposal based on different ratings of special moves and also the weight of the player in some of the cases. There are also different animations created which can span everything that is from elite to the lumbering.

madden nfl 17 new points

Elite are those moves which are used by the players who have got ratings in the range of 90s and the ones who have ratings in 80s and 70s will have lesser versions of moves available to be taken up. The elite moves are the superior ones and are very explosive. The other moves are simple and can be effectively only when they are correctly times. These moves other than Elite moves are of less efficiency. Lumbering moves are the ones which are for the ones who are heavier. These are for the heavy players who have got very low ratings in ball carrier.

All these moves are something that are based on the stamina of the player. If a player made to sprint for longer time frame and made tired then he will be using moves which are below one tier compared what they could do otherwise. This is a trick as well as a lesson that players should know for helping themselves and also for working on the opposing players.

There is a fakeout system too introduced in Madden 17 which has got multi player animations. There are more than 1000 animations that are dynamic and that consider the number of players involved as well as the location of the relative to others with them. Faking out players can be implemented only when the layer has got great timing. It is also something that depends on positioning. Hurdling can be really effective when defender is there in front of runner for that instance.

The new ball carrier mechanics provide player with more control when the run with ball. Special moves are available and divided to various groups. These moves can easily get modified by making use of various combinations with trigger buttons.

madden nfl 17 will coming out at 2016

It is necessary for you to understand that new options are really overwhelming and there are difficulty settings that can assist players. This was done earlier by having complete control over special moves or with on screen feedback which can be of help in making decisions. There is also a mode called standard manual which leaves complete control of the game to the players.

There is zone coverage on defense and also gap assignments are also there. It is possible for enabling a new option so that defense can be flipped automatically when offense flips so that players are ensured to line up correctly against what is that in field.

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