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Super Bowl 50 prop bets: You can bet on a Super Bowl earthquake

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 10:03:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

There isn't a bigger day for casual gamblers than the Super Bowl. Prop bets are everywhere (here's eight of them to help you win money) and focused on everything.

This year's Super Bowl, taking place in San Francisco, features one of the weirdest props you'll ever see, and it involves Mother Nature. is offering a prop on whether or not there will be an earthquake during the Broncos-Panthers game.

There are some caveats here.

One, the payout is terrible. You're telling me it's more likely there's an earthquake than it is Luke Kuechly (22/1) wins the Super Bowl MVP? No freaking way.

Two, if an earthquake occurs and no one notices (which is possible, maybe), there's no payout. So Jim Nantz and Phil Simms actually have to bring it up on the telecast, which feels like something they would only do if it's a major earthquake.

Three, earthquakes have happened during NFL games before! The Raiders and Chargers played a game at 11:35 p.m. (moved because of an Oakland A's playoff game) in 2013 and there was a 3.1 earthquake during the game. Maybe these odds are more accurate than we thought.

And four, if you're betting on this, you are actively rooting for the possibility of loss of life and/or damage to people and property. So bet at your own karmic risk.

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