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Stephen Curry's mouthguard-chewing habit made it into 'NBA 2K16'

Sunday, August 9, 2015 7:27:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

We've known for a little while now that the "NBA 2K16" digitized version of Golden State Warriorssuperstar Stephen Curry, one of the three cover athletes for this year's model of the popular video game franchise, was going to feature the MVP's unique tendency to chew on his mouthguard. Now, as the folks at 2K promote the game ahead of its Sept. 29 release, they've given us all a sneak peek at how the sharpshooting Curry's particular oral fixation plays out in pixelated form in the context of Steph's free-throw routine:

As ever, the 2K crew's attention to detail — from his approach to the charity stripe to the tattoo on the inside of Curry's right wrist to the handwritten Bible verse on the outside of his Under Armour sneakers — is pretty impressive. It remains to be seen, however, whether the all-time record-holder for 3-pointers made in a single season and a single postseason will actually knock down a better percentage of his free throws while chewing on the mouthguard, as he does in real life, according toBen Cohen of the Wall Street Journal:

Now here’s something to chew on: Curry has a higher free-throw percentage when his mouthguard is out of his mouth than when it’s in his mouth. According to The Count’s video review of his 337 free throws this season, Curry shot 89.5% with his mouthguard visibly in his mouth, but he shot 92.5% when the mouthguard was out of his mouth.
“Maybe we should communicate that to him,” Golden State general manager Bob Myers said.

And maybe someone should communicate it to the programmers behind Steph's shooting mechanics. I'm sure Warriors fans controlling him wouldn't mind the extra boost in accuracy.

As long as we're getting players' weird quirks in video games, can we make sure we get excruciating detail on Andre Miller's predilection toward tying his shoes behind his ankles? I feel like players would be at least 5 percent more likely to pick the Sacramento Kings Minnesota Timberwolves (whoops!) at the select screen if they knew they'd get up close and personal with that particular Professorial peccadillo.

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Dan Devine