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Star Trek Online New Updates and Features

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 6:51:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Star Trek gaming platform has been growing from one level to another. It was programmed and released for Microsoft Windows by 2010 and has been enhanced up to 2016. It began as NA: February 2, 2010 for the Windows and has grown to EU: September 7, 2016 mainly accessible for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One platforms. Star Trek has been presented as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed on the basis of Star Trek series. The game displays an amazingly interesting environment and dynamic abilities as it is set for the 25th century.

star trek online new updates

The game has features ranging from story lines; ships and characters from televised several Star Trek series. From the new updates Star Trek online presents, each player assumes the role of a captain in his or her own ship. Gamers are able to control the ship's engineering, play as a star ship, controlling the tactics and science systems using keyboard/mouse or an on-screen touch system.

The latest update on Star Trek Online is now available live, with an amazing new story mission, and so many gaming mechanical enhancements offered for the Captains. The new mission which has been named Season 11.5 has a mission called "temporal front" that gives the player a continuing the series' time-traveling story by aiming to stop Na'Kuhl temporal agents from bringing the federation down. Players will have to get to level 10 or above of the Star Trek Online series for them to be eligible for accessing this new update mission.

The story line commences with a very peaceful summit of the leaders but within not long time turns in to Chaos and the leaders in attendance have to tackle a threat from what is perceived to be the future. The player has to work through space and use the minimum time possible to stop the Na'Kuhl from nullifying the present.

Surrounding this main update are many updates including a revamped skill system provided for players to utilize and improve their character's capabilities and powers. This system is simple and easy to know how to use it. A new mission that is event-based is also available with the Temporal Front update which enables the player to be alerted of the Na'Kuhl ship while traveling through the sector space. This is only going to be available for players who have attained level 50 and above. The player can be able to interact with the Na'Kuhl ship and strike the Raider's from the future. Captains have more control over the way their ships appear and behave.

star trek online service open on mmorog

Another new online update presents a new visuals tab that enables players to utilize the appearance of an item without having to tap on the item itself.

Another online update presents the player with a specialization class referred to as Strategist which has powers that give the Captain peculiar abilities which now enable him or her to do better and more strategized planning for military activities as well as giving orders the Captain's crew.

After reading the above you can try the star trek Online Game which is designed inconsideration of all genders and to make your mind relax.

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