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South Korean team won the Asia-Pacific region through-Blizzard Warcraft World Championship

Thursday, October 8, 2015 11:46:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

"World of Warcraft" Asia Pacific League championship results released this afternoon by defeating South Korea do it for fun LongZhu-IM with national rivals to win the first prize of $ 6,000 and in November went to BlizzCon World Championship qualifications, as Taiwan ROC Never die team and Team Logitech G then won the third place and rd Runner.

Blizzard Asia Pacific Championship held at noon today, "StarCraft 2: Void left" Archon mode exhibition by renowned electric campaign hand Sen, Leenock team confrontation Has, PartinG, result in BO5 the event, Has, PartinG combined in straight sets beat three opponents, get the exhibition victory.

"World of Warcraft" runner-up battle of two teams from Taiwan ROC Never die, Team Logitech G fight, ROC Never die in the war on Team Logitech G Sad to German hunting Sa, three wins in five games in the competition system, ROC Never die lead get two wins the case, then ROC Never die replacement combined to war France and Germany battle, the result was a comeback into Team Logitech G, followed by ROC Never die in exchange for a combination of war Sade, and Team Logitech G mistakes in players , the final 3 by the ROC: 1 win, win third place.

"World of Warcraft" title fights using 3V3 arena-seven made by Korea's first do it for fun for the same from Korea LongZhu-IM, the two sides were collected and tactical De Sa Sa surgery combined results do it for fun with firepower made the first 1 minute, second LongZhu-IM facing an opponent violently Warlock DOT DOT lead to three lines of threat, or after the shore trying to counterattack, the results of the successful two sides battle into a 1: 1 draw, third LongZhu -IM replacement players to play, and this is the first time the use of a fourth man appeared in the Asia Pacific region strategy team championship, LongZhu-IM changed to spell against opponents of de Sa Sa surgery, both sides fight for a long time the next two are from do it for fun with the next two points to 3: 1 to grab match point, LongZhu-IM has become a tactical Sa replacement, but still lost to do it for fun offensive, eventually do it for fun with 4: 1 defeat LongZhu-IM made $ 6,000 prize winner, with representatives of the Asia-Pacific region went to BlizzCon World Championship qualifications.

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