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Some new features and functions for FIFA 17 at 2016 august

Thursday, August 18, 2016 6:34:21 PM America/Los_Angeles

The FIFA 17 guides regard to the game in a new dimension that comes with a new engine motor Frostbite and has got an up to date database. The fun to the FIFA 17 is reserved for a few issues such as bugs and at times slow servers. FIFA 17 is a choice to go for the fans of soccer simulations and other video games.

fifa 17 new features and functions 2016 august

The platform to which FIFA 17 will be released includes but not limited to windows, play station 3 and four among others. The gratitude goes so much to Frostbite as to availing FIFA 17 compatible to personal computers (PCs). Xbox is not worthy to go as one will have to incur an extra cost as to the installation of FIFA 17 is concerned. It is, therefore, prudent for one to buy a FIFA 17 according to compatibility to your machine so as to avoid extra costs.

There are two types of FIFA 17 as provided by the guides. FIFA 17 guides have two consoles, one being FIFA 17 suitable for the third generation and FIFA 17 for the fourth generation. FIFA 17 guides provide the difference of the two consoles being the difference in the motor engines through the provision of graphics by Frostbite. The similarity lies in the price where there is a similar price offer for the two platforms, unlike the previous years.

FIFA 17 guides give the users the full disclosure of versions downloadable for PC through the retail stores available. The guide also guides downloading procedures from the warehouse, installation, and account activation.

Are there discounts allowed?

Yes! There is a discount allowed especially if you already own the previous version of video games, FIFA 16 on either of the platforms already acquired. The FIFA 17 as per FIFA 17 guide gives a set procedure to clients on how to pre-order the new version of FIFA 17 through its main menu. The discount provided to the pre-order service customers helps them save up to ten percent of the cost price.


The cover as provided in by FIFA 17 guides was done by global through the EA opportunity for the fans to vote for their favorite stars. What were the ways through which the EA made on the cover vote? The FIFA 17 guide depicts how EA gave a vote of the cover on various stars through their platforms. The vote was open and who emerged the official cover for FIFA 17 is none other than Marco Reus!

FIFA 17 Guide on making coins

The guide provides various ways through which a player can earn coins. The effective date to the handbook is to benefit from the first phases of the version, for instance, the fifty-ninth minute method. In this manner, the user uses the available filters to snipe the bargains instantly to et advantage of the quick deals on offer. In the category is the team and player build by some consumable price. The FIFA 17 guide provide the users how to create and upgrade their squads in a decent FIFA in no time. The players are rated as per their might, so the coins acquired are the funds to be used in the transactions as provided by the guide.

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