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Seattle set for FIWC qualifying finale

Thursday, February 18, 2016 11:14:33 AM America/Los_Angeles

Last Grand Finalist and the 32nd is going to be determined in the FIFA Interactive World Cup Sponsor State Qualifier in Seattle February, a month after, setting the stage for the Grand Final. Major League Soccer side Seattle Sounders are hosting the event in THE NINETY, the club's "cultural heart of football as well as a gathering place for a great many football enthusiasts to observe the world's game."

The 2016 FIWC - the 12th version of the tournament - marks the very first time virtual World Cup can be found on Microsoft Xbox One and both SONY Playstation 4. The Sponsor State Qualifier will likely be played only on the Xbox One.

And with Microsoft's headquarters on the different side of Lake Washington from Seattle, it's maybe no surprise the Sounders squad loves a game of FIFA from time to time, including holding midfielder Osvaldo Alonso.

The eight finalists are vying for the coveted last position in the Grand Final, plus they are going to face tough opposition in the immediate knockout tournament.


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