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Run NBA 2k16 with a weak PC- Video settings and Graphic card tips

Thursday, April 21, 2016 6:50:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

The basic requirements for a PC computer to run the NBA 2k16 game are a video-card with DirectX 10 compatibility and with a rating of 512 MB or better. The computer RAM should be at least 2GB and there should 50 GB of free hard disk space available. Users and NBA 2k16 fanatics should not despair in case their PC is not up to task as there are a number of NBA 2k16 video settings for weak PC computers that can be adjusted to optimize the computer performance. For more tips and NBA 2k16 MT service you can come to us!

 MMOROG tell you how to run nba 2k16 at a weak pc with right video settings


The application data pertaining to the NBA 2K16 should be accessed and adjusted to ensure optimal NBA 2k16 video settings for weak PC computers. Gamers can access the app data by keying in “%appdata%” in the search box and access the 2K16 Sports folder and open the Video Settings file. Alternatively, the folder can be accessed by going to C:\Users\Admin\Appdata\Roaming\2K Sports\NBA 2K16.

The video settings file can be opened using the Notepad application in PC computers. The settings file contains various parameters pertaining to video which include width, height, refresh rate and vsync among many others.


NBA 2K16 Video Settings For Weak PC

weak pc means you can not run the game with the highest video quality

In order to ensure optimal video gaming experience, the Antialiasing Gamma Correction and the Antialiasing Mode should be off. 

The Single Display performance Mode should be adjusted and set. Texture Filtering Quality should be set to the “High Performance” and Trilinear setting. 

Threaded Optimization, Texture Optimization, Vertical Synch and Triple Buffering settings should be on.

It is imperative that the user adjust the “Supersample” from 1 to 0 to ensure that the game is able to run seamlessly on the “weak” PC computer.

The above video settings should all be changed in the NVIDIA control panel where users and gamers can access the 3D settings that the game runs on. The Performance setting should also be adjusted to the best level.

In the event that the gamers’ computer uses AMD graphics card, they should open the AMD Catalyst control panel where on selecting “Gaming”, they will access the “Gaming Performance Standard 3D” settings. These settings should be adjusted in a similar fashion to ensure optimal performance of the computer while playing NBA 2K16.

Once the video settings have been altered, it is important that the gamer saves these changes by simply clicking the “Control” and “S” buttons simultaneously in order to save the settings and ensure that they take effect.



It is important for gamers to update their computer drivers, especially for graphics to the latest versions available. Graphics heavy games like NBA 2k16 tend to use Application Programming Interface (API) that have been newly added in order to optimize and improve performance. This feature can only be found in the latest drivers.



graphics_cards is the most important part for a gaming pc

Avid NBA 2K16 gamers with a weak PC should ensure that they check their default graphic card. In case it is not up to speed, it should be upgraded. It is important that the minimum PC computer specification requirements to run NBA 2K16 should be met in order to ensure the game runs effectively. The minimum graphics card requirement to run the game are DirectX 10.1(512 MB) compatible or better.

Once these basic guidelines are implemented, the PC computer should be able to run NBA 2K16 without any video hitches.

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