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Roster Update NBA 2k16 Playoffs 2016/4/22

Saturday, April 23, 2016 2:18:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

It has been 21 nights since the last important "NBA 2K16" roster update, but together with the first round of the NBA Playoffs underway, 2K Sports has introduced a little roster update that focuses inside the playoffs currently on players.

4/22 nba 2k16 playoffs roster update

Fresh-off of his Defensive Player of the Entire Year award, the San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard obtained aone-point upsurge in his overall standing, delivering him to a 93 total. Bob Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers likewise went up one-point to a 92 general.

Around the disadvantage, the aging Tim Duncan proceeds to decrease and took place one-point to an 80 general.

The Full List About 2016/4/22 NBA 2k16 playoffs roster update

Kawhi Leonard +1 (93)
Chris Paul +1 (92)
Dwyane Wade +1 (87)
Hassan Whiteside +1 (87)
LaMarcus Aldridge +1 (87)
Paul Millsap +2 (85)
Al Horford +1 (83)
Kevin Love +1 (83)
Al Jefferson +1 (80)
Jeff Teague+2 (80)

Blake Griffin -1 (88)
Raymond Felton -1 (85)
Kemba Walker -1 (84)
Jae Crowder -1 (81)
Nicolas Batum -1 (80)
Tim Duncan -1 (80)
Zach Randolph -1 (80)

Every roster update contains accessory and team color changes.

Earlier this month, its unique edition address was revealed by 2K Activities for the upcoming "NBA 2K17."

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