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Rajon Rondo says he was joking about not getting along with George Karl

Thursday, October 15, 2015 8:52:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Apparently Rajon Rondo was trolling everybody about not getting along with George Karl. That's what Sacramento commentator Grant Napear and radio host Carmichael Dave reported.

This didn't take long. After the fifth game of preseason, Rajon Rondo is already having problems with another head coach. The Sacramento Kings beat the Los Angeles Lakers 107-100 on Tuesday, and then Rondo said that he and George Karl have been having some disagreements, via Manny Vieites of Cowbell Kingdom.

"It's not been going too well," Rondo said. "We got into a couple arguments the last couple days. Hopefully we continue to talk and get better."

This isn't great, considering what happened with the Dallas Mavericks. While Rondo clashed with Rick Carlisle, he chose not to vent about it publicly. It's notable that he's being honest, and it's unfortunate that there were no follow-up questions.

When Rondo is asked about this, though, he could very well say this isn't a big deal. He's a headstrong player with a brilliant basketball mind, and he freely acknowledges that he has challenged every coach he's ever played for.

It's possible that this doesn't turn out to be a big deal. It's extremely early, and growing pains should have been expected. Everything either of them says about the other is going to be analyzed, though, and Rondo surely knew it would make headlines when he went on the record here.

Before the game, Rondo told ESPN's Baxter Holmes that the Kings have an opportunity to shock some people. If that's going to happen, they're going to need to get their coach and point guard on the same page.

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