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Purchase In-Game Gold Along With Game Time In World Of Warcraft

Sunday, November 29, 2015 7:34:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Time can be considered as money, but at times, one is more difficult to obtain than the second one. Now, all the enthusiastic players of World of Warcraft can switch gold as well as game time with the help of an item, known as WoW Token. This news has been disclosed by Blizzard Entertainment, few months ago. The new feature, introduced in World of Warcraft allows the players to purchase game time more effectively, and they do not need to expend any real cash.
This latest system is quite parallel to what you have observed in Eve Online and WildStar. With the new feature, the players who have lots of gold, can get the opportunity to run their game without investing the real-world currency. The system also offers others, a secure way of purchasing in-game WOW gold.

Besides, the players may acquire a WoW Token with an in-game store by paying out real cash. If they like, they may make use of it to include the game time (30 days) to their individual account. On Auction House, they can also sell this at the right market value. While any WoW Token is raised for deals, contestants will be notified about the price. It is to be remembered that any Token, which has been purchased on the AH turns out to be soulbound. You cannot sell or trade them in some other means.

Players of every age get opportunities
In fact, it is expected that the players, who have enough time to spare but not sufficient money, (for example, teenagers and students), will be competent to grind the gold up in order to go on playing. And they do not need to spend anything from their savings. However, the older or the middle-aged players, who are doing some jobs, are expected to get more disposable revenue. They have less time for getting gold. So, they will surely be proficient to run their subscriptions. At the same time, they can also buy in-game gold with some legal means, if require.

A safe way to have gold
Blizzard has stated a fact that it has launched such extraordinary feature to generate a safe, legitimate mode to obtain gold. However, the players may also like to buy gold from the third party sellers of gold. It is also a great opportunity to all those players, who have been taking part in the game for several years.
The player should also remember that the starting rate of the tokens on the servers of US is quite less than that of the EU servers. The price of gold for the tokens on Auction House is not determined by players. This is defined using some internal algorithm. Automatically, it will decrease or increase on the basis of the demand or supply. The players cannot decide on what value they like to list their token. All of the tokens, intended for deals in a particular area, will, in fact be sold at same rate at a definite moment.

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