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Petition filed to ban Seahawks fan who wants to ban Cam Newton

Thursday, January 28, 2016 9:02:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Just when you thought the Cam Newton petition story couldn't get anymore ridiculous, it got more ridiculous.

The story started this week when Andrew Tilton, a Seahawks fan near Seattle, started a petition on that called for the Seahawks to ban Cam Newton from CenturyLink Field. That's not even the ridiculous part, either.

The ridiculous part is that more than 2,000 people signed Tilton's petition.

Since banning an opposing quarterback is completely impractical, another Seahawks had a better idea: Ban Tilton for starting such a dumb petition.

The new petition, which was created by John Murray, seems to be catching on fast because it now has almost 400 signatures. Here's a description of the new petition from

Ban Andrew Tilton from CenturyLink Field. The real fan base is sick of these negative actions that give the true, loyal fans a bad rap. This is not the Seahawk way. This is unsportsmanlike and a pathetic, arrogant attempt at attention.
After creating the new petition, Murray expressed a few other thoughts to

"I say we ban Andrew's petition and ban him, while also banning any other bandwagon fan that tries to create any other dumb petitions," Murray said.

Well said, John Murray. Well said.

I'm officially done with this story.

If someone makes a petition to ban the guy who made a petition to ban the guy who made the petition to ban Cam Newton, I promise to ignore it.

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