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Passarella at the pinnacle

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 9:37:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

A picture of utter ecstasy, its matter - The beating captain, Daniel Passarella in Argentina - could provide it got to a graphical description of the senses. "When you are given the cup, you're feeling numb," he said. "It is like a never ending climax. That might seem vulgar but it is not false. You must experience it to understand."

At the moment this was taken on 25 June 1978, Passarella was the only Argentinian to have sampled that unique ecstasy. As the inspirational skipper of the first Albiceleste team to win football’s greatest prize, it was a reward hard earned and richly deserved.

He'd his elbows upward in Passarella fashion that is typical, so no one could get it. He even refused to hand it around to the security guys who came to the dressing room to recover it."

And while Passarella would be reunited in 1986 with his prize, by that time he was the captaincy having passed to Diego Maradona, a squad player. It could be 1978 - and this historic moment of happiness - which would eternally stay the pinnacle of his career that is remarkable.


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