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One year of Linsanity was apparently enough for the Knicks

Monday, October 19, 2015 10:47:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin would likely not be in the NBA right now if it weren't for the New York Knicks. They were the team that sparked Linsanity, the team that rallied around him, the team that earned him his big contract with the Rockets in free agency. He was a player that the city truly got behind and ushered in one of the few bright spots of the past 15 years for Knicks fans.

Lin, who would actually be a pretty good fit in the Triangle, shot 37 percent last year for the Lakers from 3-point range and is also a smart pick-and-roll guard.

However, there are four really good reasons for the Knicks to not have interest in reviving Linsanity. First off, he's a poor defender, and much of the team's identity is being built around a defensive approach. If they want a poor defensive guard who can shoot, they have Jose Calderon. Two, Carmelo Anthony has repeatedly denied that he was a big part of the reason Lin wasn't retained as a restricted free agent, but those rumors persisted. Going back to Lin would send a weird signal to Anthony, who has been the team's focal point from a marketing standpoint.

Third, he would provide a distraction to a team that has to deal with enough of them. They play in New York, Phil Jackson's the team president, Carmelo Anthony's the star, and Kristaps Porzingis brings the hype. The Knicks don't really need the headache of all the Linsanity talk. Fourth, they drafted Jerian Grant, who has looked very good in preseason. No reason to clog that position with Calderon on a guaranteed contract and Grant the guard of the future.

So it makes sense that the Knicks elected to pass. It does say something that Lin isn't shy about the idea of returning to the crazy hype that followed him for that crazy month in February nearly four years ago.

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