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Odell Beckham was not interested in any Josh Norman-related questions

Monday, December 21, 2015 10:33:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Odell Beckham Jr. had a game that could charitably be described as "interesting" on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

He wore some ridiculous cleats. He started the game by burning star corner Josh Norman deep on a skinny post but dropped a sure touchdown on the play. He ended the first half with zero catches for zero yards and approximately 483 post-play dust-ups with Norman.

He at one point got incredibly frustrated with Norman, completely unraveling and targeting Norman with a dirty hit to the head that arguably should have gotten him ejected (one of his three unnecessary roughness penalties). He came back from that and finally started to get going, eventually finishing with a much more ODB-like six catches for 76 yards, and this touchdown over Norman, which tied the game for the Giants after they came back from being down 35-7 and was followed with a ridiculous touchdown celebration.

While Norman was willing to reveal his feelings about Beckham after the game, Beckham was apparently not willing to do the same.

To summarize: It is unfortunate that the Giants lost, and that they lost the way they did (with an undefeated team kicking a field goal to beat them). The game was tough, or possibly even very tough. The Panthers are 14-0 for a reason and that reason is because they finish games like that (presumably, with game-winning drives), which they also did today. As for what any of that has to do with Josh Norman, Odell would not confirm.

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