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New thoughts about the new coming FIFA 17 game

Saturday, July 23, 2016 9:01:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

EA sports has announced great improvements in the yet to be released FIFA 17 of their FIFA series of games. The games have seen great improvements over the years with graphics and the way players look and interact being at the center of upgrades. FIFA 17 news reports that the game is expected to be released on 27th September, 2016 in North America and 29th September to the rest of the world. It is set to launch on Xbox one, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The game is set to come with a new cover; Lionel Messi’s contract as the games ambassador set to expire. For the first time the EA is allowing the world to vote for who they want to appear on the games cover. Antony Martial (Manchester united), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), James Rodríguez (Real Madrid), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund) are the ones who are up for voting. They are also set to be the game’s ambassadors and can be loaned into the FIFA ultimate team. 

The EA has confirmed that the FIFA 17 will run on frostbite engine which is developed by dice. This is a transition from the ignite engine on which the games have been running since 2013. The frostbite engine is the same engine on which Need for Speed games run. The new engine is expected to offer better graphics and improved outdoor experience. With the frostbite engine, new environments have been created like locker rooms, planes, inside the stadium and even the manager’s office.

Also the new engine makes the players look more real and also improves their interaction with each other. The players are set to have better expressions even including the almost real voices of the players. The frostbite engine will also improve the lighting of the stadiums especially at night with players starting to feel more integrated into the immediate surrounding.

Another major feature that EA has included in FIFA 17 is The Journey a new story mode. This involves a real-life player, Alex Hunter, a striker, who has been raised in a football rich background (his grandfather was a great footballer; his dad was also a footballer though his career was brought to an abrupt end by an injury). He starts off by choosing from one of the 20 premier league clubs to play for (the journey is only limited to the English premier league and the player cannot even play in other leagues). Click here to find the cheap price of fifa 17 coins at

With playing The Journey, a player plays normally but hos a set of goals (creating chances, scoring goals and general play) to meet to improve his ratings. The ratings can be seen on the upper right hand when in this mode. It is important to note that the Journey’s career mode is separate from the regular career mode and they are both played differently. It is also important to note that Alex Hunter’s name and physical appearance cannot be changed.

Also in FIFA 17 is the way to take penalties, free kicks and it has improved way of maintaining ball possession, taking headers freely without losing prossession and efficient tackling.

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