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New World of Warcraft Expansion to be Unveiled at Gamescom 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:41:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blizzard will be unveiling its newest World of Warcraft expansion following Warlords of Draenor on this year's Gamescom in Cologne on August 6, 9am PDT. Here's the official announcement. It's weird Blizzard didn't wait until BlizzCon where they usually reveal newest expansions and game titles, but they most likely need the hype. Exactly a year passed, between when Blizzard announced Warlords and its release, wondering whether Hellfire Citadel will be available for an additional year as Blizzard stated no additional major patch is coming. 

Blizzard Trademarked Council of Glades

It can either be real, or it's another joke similar to the Dark Below trademark. I can see it coming Medivh becoming corrupted or insane being the last boss of the expansion, and as players liked Karazhan, I can imagine a whole expansion styled like that, with achievements like Defeat Medivh's chessboard on Normal difficulty rewarding Garrison chessboard daily quests. That would be an utter nightmare. Now jokes aside, we have an additonal trademark which was filed last year, maybe Blizzard just filed Council of the Glades so that we forget about previous trademarks, such as Eye of Azshara. I can imagine an expansion revolving around Azshara...

Anyway, whether Khadgar in Warlords was actually Medivh in disguise is debatable, you can read more about Council of Tirisfal, which sheds some light on the trademark's name.

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