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‘NBA 2K16’ to Feature the Most Extensive Soundtrack in NBA 2K History!

Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:27:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Other than its visual and gameplay improvements, the soundtrack of the upcoming basketball simulation video game “NBA 2K16” will be its most glittering feature.

Game developer 2K Sports has just released the list of songs that will be included in the upcoming video game and both fans and game critics are one in saying that when the developer announced that the game will feature the most extensive soundtrack in NBA 2K history, it was actually walking the talk, notes the Australian News Network.

The soundtrack of “NBA 2K16” actually features three genre-defining collaborators at the helm including DJ Mustard, DJ Khaled, and DJ Premier.

The music will range from hip-hop to pop rock as well as alternatives. There will also be music from the 80s and 70s as the well as the contemporary hits of today.

The video game’s soundtrack will be comprised of six in-game playlists, including three lists individually curated by each producer, an international ‘Around the World’ playlist, the 2K Classics Mixtape featuring fan favorites from previous 2K titles, and a master playlist that includes all 50 tracks from the current selection.

Some of the performers for the confirmed tracks on “NBA 2K16” include Selena Gomez and DJ Zedd, Calvin Harris, Jay Z, Ace Hod, Nas, J. Cole, Fergie, Imagine Dragons, Santigold, and One Republic.

2K Sports also announced that there will be six more exclusive tracks that will be released at a later date, according to the developer’s Facebook page. It likewise announced the introduction of the first ever “NBA 2K16” Boombox featuring mixtapes and a boombox. The Boombox is actually a tribute to old school street basketball, where analog mixtapes were blasted on street courts through the legendary boombox.

“NBA 2K16” will be released on the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the PC on September 29.

College basketball in ‘NBA 2K16’

Meanwhile, it looks like college basketball will return to the “NBA 2K16” as game developer 2K Sports reportedly acquired the licensing to 11 schools through the Collegiate Licensing Company.

The 11 schools are Arizona State, UConn, Georgetown, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, Texas, UCLA, Villanova, Wisconsin, and the cult-favorite, the Arizona Wildcats, details the Arizona Desert Swarm.

While it is still not clear how college basketball will be incorporated to the “NBA 2K16,” many believe that it will not be a full-fledged college basketball game like the ones that used to be made earlier in the millennium.

It can be recalled that college sports video games have been completely abolished due to ongoing lawsuits and it is likely that 2K Sports has found a way to go around the law in order to avoid any legal entanglement.

Many believe that college basketball will come to the all-improved MyCareer and MyPlayer modes of the “NBA 2K16.” However, as these are merely speculations as of this time, the actual involvement of college basketball into “NBA 2K16” would surely be known once the latest iteration to the basketball simulation video game is released on September 29.

The summer league also returns

In addition to the return of college basketball to the “NBA 2K16,” the NBA Summer League feature will also make a return to the video game after a five-year hiatus.

2K Sports confirmed the glorious return of the NBA Summer League through a recent tweet advising gamers to prepare for their future.

In real-life, the NBA Summer League is an off-season competition among the NBA teams where players who were not drafted to a team including free agents, second stringers, and rookies, play and train to boost their skills.

The “NBA 2K16” shall feature the NBA Summer League on the enhanced MyCareer Mode where a gamer would chart the basketball career of his chosen player from the draft, to the Summer League, and eventually to the regular season.

But unlike the games in the regular season where it is usually 48 minutes long at 12 minutes per quarter, the games in the NBA Summer League is only 40 minutes long at 10 minutes per quarter to make it more up-tempo and fast-paced.

The last time that the NBA Summer League was featured in the basketball simulation video game franchise was in “NBA 2K11.”

As a feature of the “NBA 2K11,” the gamer’s MyPlayer character bids his time in the Summer League until he gets picked by a certain NBA team. It is not clear if “NBA 2K16” will employ the same gameplay feature for the Summer League.

With the return of the NBA Summer League feature of the “NBA 2K16,” it is expected that the NBA D-League will also make its expected return.

2K Sports has also opened “NBA 2K16” for pre-ordering to interested gamers. Those who do will be able to play and enjoy the game four days ahead of the release date of September 29. Gamers will also get 35,000 Virtual Currency (VC) for “NBA 2K15,” 10,000 VC, MyTEAM VIP with three Emerald Packs each with a guaranteed Emerald Player.

The game developer has likewise made available for pre-ordering the “NBA 2K16” Michael Jordan Special Edition which will come with game rewards including digital Jordan shoes for the player’s MyPLAYER, Jordan T-shirt for the gamer’s MyPLAYER, Jordan jersey for his MyPlayer, 30,000 VC, MyTEAM VIP+ packs, featuring three Emerald packs, and a new Special Edition Exclusive Moments Card.

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