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'NBA 2K16' pre-order goes live, freebies confirmed

Monday, July 27, 2015 1:01:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

Developer and publisher 2K Sports has announced that pre-orders for "NBA 2K16" is now live. 

For those pre-ordering the upcoming installment in the long-running "NBA 2K" franchise. there will be a host of new content and bonus features for early purchases. The standard pre-order edition will give players additional 35,000 virtual credits for their current "NBA 2K15" title, a bonus of 10,000 VC to use in-game for "NBA 2K16," and a MyTeam VIP complete Emerald packs which will include an Emerald player bundled in the package. 

In addition, those who will pre-order the title will have the chance to participate in the Early Tip-off promotion, and will be able to download a digital copy of "NBA 2K16" four days earlier than the scheduled release. 

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed that aside from the standard pre-order edition that comes with standard bonuses, there will also be a "Michael Jordan Special Edition" for "NBA 2K16" pre-orders. Those who opt to purchase the special package will get bonus contents such as Jordan gear and virtual cash. For MyPlayer fans, pre-ordering the Jordan edition will add digital Jordan shoes, t-shirt, and jersey for the player's character. Aside from the in-game gear, special edition pre-orders will also add 30,000 virtual currency as bonus, together with MyTeam VIP+ packs that include three Emerald Packs and a special edition Exclusive Moments card. 

The upcoming hoops title is much-hyped due to some of its changes, particularly on its career mode. "NBA 2K16" will feature famed director Spike Lee at the helm, and observers expect a whole new storyline for the game's MyCareer feature. 

"NBA 2K16" will be released on Sept. 29 for all platforms including older-gen consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and current-gen systems PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The sports title will also roll out for the PC on the same date. 

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