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NBA 2K16 Improvements And Gameplay Enhancements Documented In ‘The Living World’ Trailer

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 10:44:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

NBA 2K16 looks to push the envelope of what basketball video games can do with sharp graphics and a detailed story mode that encompasses a player’s ascent from college to NBA stardom.

But what are the exact improvements of NBA 2K16from 2K15?

2K Sports put out a nifty little video, titled The Living World that explains some of the graphic and gameplay improvements in NBA 2K16. It’s a dev diary of the thought process that went behind the creation of NBA 2K16 and fans of the franchise should definitely watch..

Developers Mike Wang, Scott O’Gallagher and Jerson Sapida’s highlight and give their perspectives on dynamic storylines and mindsets of the NBA 2K16 coaches, players and fans - with their unique abilities to detect and adapt to patterns.

Major theme of the Living World trailer is to make everything on the court, from player and coach intelligence, the crowd and arena to be different. Everything aside from a few standout players and their mannerisms felt the same and the 2K team wanted to change that.

The devs used the most recent NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors as an example of how coaches and players will be smarter in NBA 2K16 and evolve between games.

Matthew Dellavedova had to change from bench player to starter once Kyrie Irving went down to injury. And even how Golden State coach, Steve Kerr went to a smaller lineup after the first game was used as an example. Those are some of the smarter moves that the AI will implement during a series.

It’s very interesting stuff and fans will see it all go down when NBA 2K16 releases on Sept. 29 or Friday, Sept. 25 with the early weekend deal .

But we want to hear your thoughts on the NBA 2K16 improvements in the comments section below.  

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