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NBA 2K15's MyCareer Mode Features Real Players' Voices

Monday, June 29, 2015 8:09:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

Now that you're able to bring a more accurate representation of yourself into NBA 2K15's MyCareer mode by scanning your face, 2K is hoping to bring down another barrier to immersion: player voices. Whereas the players that spoke to you in 2K14's MyCareer mode only communicated through text (with the exception of LeBron James and a fictitious rival), a variety of real NBA players are recording dialogue for this year's game.

The video above shows some of the work being done on this front. Five of the players whose voices you hear are seen in the trailer: cover star Kevin Durant, James Harden, Andre Iguodala, Andre Drummond, and JJ Redick.

The scenarios in which you'll get to hear these guys' voices look to be very similar to last year. Basically, you'll have conversations with other players before or after games about things like your performance on the court. While not seen in the trailer for this year's game, 2K14 also presented you with choices of what to say through an RPG-style dialogue tree system.

2K says you'll have a "mentor" who "will teach you the ropes" regardless of what team you play for. The company didn't offer up a list of any other players who will be in the game beyond those seen in the trailer. We also don't yet know if there's much variety in the choice of voices for your character, which is one area where 2K14 was very lacking.

Additionally, a new coach satisfaction system is being put into place that provides real-time feedback based on your on-court performance. You may even be praised or chastised by Doc Rivers, the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, who is recording dialogue for the game. It's unclear if you'll only get to hear a coach's voice if you play for the Clippers, or if the game will cheat and put Doc on whichever team you play for. We're checking with 2K to see how that's handled.

Also new for MyCareer is a new upgrade system (placing more of an emphasis on specialties) and badges (depending on how you play, you'll get a bronze, silver, or gold badge). An endorsement system is still in place, and by completing challenges, you'll either earn Virtual Currency (the dreaded in-game currency system returns in 2K15) or endorsements.

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