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Method and Tips on how to Use NBA 2K17 Face Scan

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 7:21:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Every year the release of NBA 2K comes with a number of feature upgrades. 2k games has gone a step ahead the career/story by use of it Spike Lee-directed story in NBA 2K16. An important section of the 2K17 experience involves creating your own player and making him comparable to the real life.

NBA 2K16 allows players to scan their faces using phone cameras in order to get them liking into the game. While there are some mishaps in last year’s game, this year appears to be very promising in terms of the face scans.

The 2K Games support page important tips on how to use face scan for the NBA 2K17 though we are going to try by all means and simplify it even further and provide more guidelines in order to get your face right.

nba 2k17 face scan

What You Will Require To Start

-Download NBA2K17 mobile application for Android devices and iOS and set up your account.

-Download the free NBA2K17 prelude mode for either xbox one and PS4.

-Make a connection to your NBA2K17 mobile app to either your Xbox account or PSN.

-Ensure that you are in a room that is well lit; you will also require more lighting across your face in order to capture the best scan. The best area where you can do this is in the bathroom as they normally have good lighting in a smaller area.

How to use NBA 2K17 to face scan

face scan to make a player in nba 2k17

-Open the NBA2K17 app and choose select Your Face’ from the main menu. There are two menus, one for NBA 2K17 and the other for the mobile app called My Team Mobile’.

- At this point, the game will reach out to 2K servers and begin analyzing the pictures which you captured with the NBA 2K17 app. As the game begins use the scans and meter bar at the bottom of your screen will get filled.

-The text which is above your already finalized scan indicates well your scan was done. Your scan will still appear pixelated until it is used to create the face of your character. Once the scan is done OK.

-The scan should be in the final form. By use of joystick on your controller, you should be able to move the face from left to right and measure how it came out. In case of imperfections which you’re not comfortable with, get out your Android or iPhone device and try doing the facial scan again.

Since scans concentrates only on the features of the face, you will be required to include hair and vary any attribute that you don’t like. Once you get out of MyPlayer editor, you will be asked to save the progress.

NBA 2K17 Face Scanning Tips

-Light is highly required, mostly natural light works better compared to artificial light.

-Light your face from the front, without any shadow

-Remove your hat and any other accessory around your face.

-Pull back your hair in case it is long enough to cover some parts of your face.

-Use selfie’ camera

-Hold the phone at the level of eye, about 45 cm from your face

-Ensure your face fills the whole circle on the screen

-Your phone should be fixed at one position

-Slowly rotate your head up to 45 degrees in both directions

-Look straight to the camera.

-In case you blinked on any picture, repeat the whole process of scanning.

-Once you upload the scan to the game, it will automatically grade the quality of your scan. Incase it’s not great repeat- anything below that may result into unpleasing results.

With NBA 2K17 app, face scan can be done very easily and come up with pleasing results if only the above methods and tips are appropriately used.

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